Never bet money or property

Because my dad had a huge gambling problem, my mom made me swear never to bet on money or property so I didn't. But I still gamble since I was 10. Here is what I ended up doing because I lost.

1) performed oral s** on a guy and had to swallow his c**.
2) lay on the floor naked as a guy stood at my feet and tried to p*** in my mouth where I had to drink.
3) get buttfucked on webcam by a friend as hundreds of internet creeps watched me get screwed at 11
4) r****** a 9 year old in front of 8 other guys.

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  • admit it , its not the gambling you do it for

  • I don't feel the LEAST bit sorry for you. Good for you that you got f***** by men. But you had NO right violating a nine year old girl! Your sorry ass should be thrown in prison! You disgust me and I am so ashamed that there are people like you that live. That poor little girl will always remember how she was raped and will probably never trust men. Because of YOU. Good job child-molester. You're worst than a child molester. You are a CHILD RAPIST. Go to h***.

  • i think you are a gay gambler.

  • I'm sorry. Why did you gamble though? I know your father did. But...

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