I was rude to a person who was a customer. i just didn't want to be bothered. she comes into my work and asks if we have these books. i am not barnes and noble i don't care about others readings list if the book is that important order it on line or go to a library that cares we don't. she filled out a customer comment card and i pulled it out of the box and shredded it

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  • OP and the two losers below need to step in front of a train. Yeah, customers often suck-- I'll never have a job working with the public ever again, thank god-- but that was a d i c k move on OP's part, straight up. B i t c h even admits it. People suck no matter which side of the counter they're on.

  • good job, f*** them. customers are wankers sometimes and their opinions are bullshit. they expect you to have all the answers all of the time even wit products you dont sell. i'd have done the same thing.

  • I work in retail and my store gives out a customer survey. I always throw away their survey's so they can't tell my manager how much I sucked. Your not alone.

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