I have aspergers syndrome and it's a kind of autism and for my whole life, nobody apart from my family know; the schools that ive been to don't know, my friends don't know and basically it has just stayed in my family the entire world. So this is sort of my first time opening up about it outside.

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  • That's not the kind of thing you can hide. Everyone you've met knows about it, they just aren't aware you've been diagnosed (assuming you actually have been and aren't just claiming Asperger's because it's trendy). At worst people you've dealt with think you are a r3tard or an emo, at best they managed to guess your little "secret".

  • How do you feel about Aspergers syndrome?

  • It's okay to open up to your friends - some of them might even have it. (I'm not sure if I should be saying this or not though, since I was diagnosed with "aspergers tendencies". So, Doc, do I have it or no?

  • What are asperger's tendencies?

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