I can't win

So a long time ago ( and by that I mean 5 years ago) I was a member of a n***/white superiority group. My whole family was involved but after I moved out of state I saw the errors of my ways and stopped contacting the group and lost all connection to family. Recently I've started dating a beautiful Asian girl. She knows of my past, but now that we're engaged she refuses to get married without my family present (she says I need to confront them and let them know and all that stuff). However I'm terrified of how they will react and I don't know what to do.

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  • At least your honest about it now, i suggest just getting in contact with a member of your family that you think you can trust and wont react badly, maybe then you will be able to talk to other members of your family about it after you hear the trusted ones opinion on the matter.
    if she see's that you have made an effort to get them there then maybe your fiance will be able to let it go if it all goes t*** up xx no way for knowing for sure until you try it but i wish you all the best xx

  • You're not your , in your first sentence.You need to learn capitalization. This is for the comment.

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