I'm a 19 year old guy, and I have to

I'm a 19 year old guy, and I have to confess that I've started to like the idea of crossdressing. I get such a thrill just thinking about it. I want to put on some fishnets and fingerless gloves, get a blue-dyed wig and a really punk-rock girly shirt and some chunky goth boots and just go out on the town and have everyone wondering who that cute goth girl is. I'm terrified of someone finding out. It's so abnormal, I know, but I can't help it.

I don't even know why I'm typing it out. It's my innermost fantasy but I'm too scared to act out on it or tell anyone, and it's killing me inside.

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  • i was wearing a matching set panties an bra with a short mini skirt an blouse it was about 2am i was sitting on the lounge watching a p**** i was strocking my c*** with my eyes closed,i didnt hear anybody but then i heard a noise i looked up an there was my stepmum watching me she sat next to me an said i look good in female cloths qe ended up havin s** now when we are alone i dress up for her an we have s**

  • i started wearing panties an bras when i was about 13 my sister would dress me up at nite time i would would dress up an go for a walk,one day i got home early so i disided to dress up in my mum stuff i went to my room an lay down i pulled my skirt up an was jerking off when my dad walked in looked at me an walked out i finished jerkin off,now 30yrs later i still enjoy crossdressing

  • it's okay. i understand. if that makes you happy, then do it. it doesn't matter what other people think.

  • You go girl

  • First off, this doesn't make you gay. In fact, most male crossdressers are heterosexual (straight). But even if you are, it's not gonna hurt anyone. I say risk it if it's what you want and you're aware of the consequences of what COULD happen. Play it safe, stay in your comfort zone, and have fun. Life's too short, man. Live it up!

  • Ya got a problem there. I've studied anatomy for art. Girls, proportion for proportion, have wider hips then guys. For either s**, the leg come inwards at an angle from the hip before bending sideways a little more at the knees and then going straight down to the ground. (This is from a front view- I'm not talking about the direction the knee joint bends when you run or walk) But since girls have wider hips, this 'crookedness' at the knees is more extreme in girls. This means that if you were to go out now dressed up in all that, something's gonna be off and a trained artist will pick it up even more. Don't do it.

  • Some cross-dressers are hotter than real females!

  • Take up masturbation.

    It does the soul wonders.

  • c*** sucking homos that live in this country make me sick.

  • Be who you want to be. I think it's endearing.

  • I'v did this since I was 13... 9 years later I find out my best friend has been too since 12, yet he always talked down to me for doing it when he has been doing it just as long... I forgave him now we play together and I suck his c*** every weekend twice this weekend. =)

  • Where do you live?

  • I've met a guy who does stuff like that, he's really sweet and hes is excepted by those who are open-minded. If surround yourself with understanding people and you can brush off insults, go for it.

  • Work it out. Keep in mind that going that way is not an easy row to hoe.

  • Haha, I wish the above two people were in my area... it'd make this thing a lot easier.

  • I'll join you when you want to

  • That is so hot. I would totally f*** you while you were wearing that.

  • I'm not really in to guys at all. I just like the idea of dressing up in female goth clothing... maybe acting feminine too, but that's it.

  • Are you attracted to guys at all or are you just into the idea of goth chick clothing?

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