I hate my life

I grew up with a really bad childhood, I've been beaten almost to death multiple times, I've been abandoned in hotel rooms, and markets. My mom neglect me all the time, and never fails to tell me I'm ugly, or fat. I would get abused really bad, and I just really hate life. If it wasn't for the fear of hurting others I would probably be dead. Also i was raped by my step father, and it makes me sick just thinking about it.
I'm also in love, and I've been with the guy for 4+ months, and I just hate myself for ruining it...

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  • there is a trick you can do...
    you can call up police and explain you're getting neglected, then you have a choice on where you want to live (family only). parents then have to stay AWAY from you... hope that helps

  • You've been through a lot but life always gets better. I promise.

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