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So there is this guy who I am crushing really h******. He's got the same interests as me. He actually is becoming a DJ and starting to get known around where I am from. He's an electro DJ and his mixes pretty much give me an eargasm every time he makes a new one. I really like him and I don't know if he feels anything for me. We talk a lot about his music and other music. We talk about anything and everything really. I sometimes think we both have a mutual feeling for each other.
The other day he played at a club and I was dancing having a great time and we would make eye contact all night and I really thought something might happen. Then all of a sudden some drunk blonde bimbo goes up to him and wants to get it in with him. My heart sank because I can't say anything because he doesn't know but it killed me because I'm not a skinny blonde tan beauty. I'm 5'3" and curvy all around. I'm a natural girl and that made me feel awful. That's how it's gonna be though now that he's getting popular. All the girls dig the guy who can make them dance. I just wish I was the one girl who he bragged about to his friends. Not the blonde. He never hooked up with her, just told me about it.
I really like this boy but idk what to do about it. He's starting to pursue his dreams. I want to be a part of that, but I guess I'll always be the friend on the side to cheer him on.

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