My boyfriend's dad..

I'm 20 years old and three weeks ago my boyfriend of 8 months, Lachlan, left for a nine week trip to Europe to visit family. I had become pretty close with his father, Mark, in the past 8 months. The day Lachie left I was pretty upset, so his father said he would take me to the rent-a-movie store and we'd rent a couple good films to watch with him and his wife. We got back to his place and he received a call from his wife saying that she had met with a few friends from "college days" and she was going to the club to have a few drinks and she wouldn't make it home to the next morning. So we decided to put on a movie anyway. Mark had chosen a really romantic one for his wife and him. We pressed play and it started with a really hot, steamy s** scene. Mark and I were sitting next to each other on the sofa and he put his hand on my leg, moving up to my thigh and inner thigh. I didn't really know what to do, all I knew was that it felt so exhilerating! He started playing with my privates through my knickers and then moved to my b******. We were making out at this stage, he removed my shirt then my jeans. I took off his shirt and his jeans also. I then took off my bra and knickers and he started playing with my b****** and fingering me and eating me out. It felt so good! I sucked his c*** then I sat on him for a rough ride, we had sexy for such a long time and it felt so good! Best s** I have ever had! Every second night since then we have found an excuse to get together and have s** again. He wants to keep it a secret from his wife, but I feel so terrible. I want to break up with my Lachie for his dad. But I don't know how to, because Mark has a wife! Help me please!

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  • You should totally make this into a book on wattpad about your story I would totally read this

  • Omfg.... I can't believe people like yu....

  • And I am betting when you are 50+ and finished with your third or fourth husband... and dome raising your 6th kid by 5 different absentee dads you are gonna be the b**** that laments how there are no good men anymore.... or that ALL men are the same....

    God I hate selfish b****** like you! You have f***** up *MY* life and more of you just keep being born! What are you? Pod Aliens or something?

  • To be honest I don't know that weather your story is true or fake one. even though I am not going to blame or condemn you for what has happened. in my life I have experienced such thing with my own sister there is no control of s** feeling in our life be positive and try to focus on what is right not only for you but also for your boy friend and his father too, and please sister don't let any thing to happen which can hurt any of you. best of luck.

  • Its whether now weather....!

  • It’s “it’s” not “its”

  • You need to keep enjoying the great c*** this guy is giving you. And you need to get past the whole love thing, because that isn't what's going on. You're both enjoying some hot s**. Leave it at that and enjoy.

  • Your f*****. Just do what your heart tells you. So ya, this WILL end bad.

  • You said it right - most likely so!

  • Dirty but hot!

  • i cant believe you f***** that old c***. you are a loser

  • I had s** with my best friends husband. The s** was so good that I just don't feel sorry. My advice to you is to go for it. Forbidden s** is the best kind.

  • I am f****** my mates wife's mate's wife i was staying at their place one weekend when he got a call from his firm they had a breakdown and could he come in, i said well i'll be go home then and i see him another time. he said no that's ok you can stop and watch the film and keep his wife Mary company till he gets back and he left us watching the television. after awhile she said why don't you come and sit on the sofa you can see the television better from there. S o i sat down beside of her and watched the film, after awhile she began to snuggled up to me and i felt her begin to gradually rub the inside off my thigh, so i put my arm around her shoulder and hug her to me.We were sitting there cuddled up to each other and i bent down and kissed her,she then kissed me back and we went into a full on snogging session and i slipped my hand up,her jumper and began stroking her t***, she said Oh yes Les i want you to f*** me please. I replied what about Brian she said he as not been near me for some time now and i have not had any c*** for sometime and she grabbed my c*** and said so i'm all yours and you can f*** me all night long.
    I then took her in my arms and kissed her while putting my tongue between her lips and we really began snogging each other. as we were kissing each other we began to undress each other and before long we were both naked on the carpet and making lover to each other. I then drove my seven and a half inch p**** as far as i could up her wonderful thirty five year old c*** as i could.While we were f****** each other the phone rang and she reached for it and answered it, it was Brian ring to say he won't be home till tomorrow afternoon. She said Oh never mind love the extra money will be alright for our holidays and i'll see you tomorrow sweetheart good night and put the phone down and then carried on f****** me.We went up to her bedroom and got into bed we f***** one another again before we fell asleep.

  • That's the worse advice I've heard. Ever.

  • You're both losers

  • I bet you $1million that there is no happy ending to this story

  • Yeah you just f***** up. He'll never leave her for you. He's just a cheating b******, and you fell for it.

  • You are one STUPID b****!!

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