My wife twin sister

I'm am 32yo man and have been with my wife for 8years now but I've the last 3years I have wanted to sleep with sister-in-law. I have cropped pics of my wives twin sisters face on naked pics of my wife I find I can c** unless i picture her face when having s** with the wife. What started me looking at the sister-in-law in this way was about 3years ago me and the wife invited her family round for a bbq. We also got the pool out and when my sister-in-law come out in her little πŸ‘™ my mouth dropped. I fort she looked stunning I have never looked a her this way and would never look at her the same again I just wanted to f*** her soo bad I started taking pics of her as she got in the pool. At the end of the day she went upstairs to get changed in my bedroom I had to sneak upstairs and spy on her getting changed I know it was wrong but I had to I couldn't stop my self when I got upstairs my bedroom door was open a little bit I went up to the door and look thu the gap and see her just stepping out of her πŸ‘™ bottoms I couldn't take my eyes of her naked body as she started to dry herself. Next thing I know is my c*** was in my hand and I started to play with my self she then turned around and bent over to pick up her πŸ‘™ off the floor I couldn't control my self I c** soooooo hard my is shot thu the gap just missing her clothes on my bed. Since then I just can't get her off my mind I have nicked a pair of her dirty knickers just to smell what her p**** smell like I have also been at her house by my self and c** in a pair of her clean knickers and put then back in for her to wear soon.

Jul 5, 2020

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  • My hubby has been doing my 1/2 sister for more than 25 years. They have been hooking up since we met.

    They don’t know that I know. But I love having s** after they do. I make sure to call my 1/2 sister and tell her how h**** he was and how he is always sooo h**** after she leaves. I tell her I think we should do a three way but she always changes the subject

  • I slept with my wife's sister. It was amazing!!!

  • I'd love to see a picture of your naked wife. Please email me

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