Northern star

I'm watching the moonlight shine in through my drapes. I saw the first star of the night brake out tonight. The north star. I believe. I'm staring at the moon, wondering if you too are staring at it. I believe you are. I feel it it my heart. I miss you. I miss you so bad it hurts. I've gotten sick lately, and I'm wondering what it would be like to die without saying goodbye. Without letting you know. I miss you deeply. I don't care if your a sociopath, I don't. I'm happy, you made me happy. I want you, even if you can't want me the same way. I want to live forever, here alone with you.

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  • Are you enjoying the drama? You certainly are wallowing in it.

    Look, if you are sick I am sorry. That will make you think differently. If you are in love that too will make you think differently. But please try to step outside the drama and look at the reality. If then you can really say you made your decisions and stick by them.... Bravo!

    and Good Luck.

  • Typical. Get over it already.

  • This doesn't make since. What's going on.... Ha. Ha. Ha. Somebodi want to exsplaine this to me??

  • your in love with a sociopath? Your just hurting yourself more

  • Cancer?

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