Real Guilt

I got married in 2005,not sure i should hav but i did anyway,by 2007,i started cheating on my hubby,i never planned it i thot i was just flirting but i eventually slept with this chap a collague in my office,ive slept with two other men and if am not careful i wll end up with a 4th guy,the 4th guy sucks me so bad that i want more but ive been extremely careful not to sleep with him,am supposed to be born again,a pastors wife ive stopped seeing any of this guys cos am so afraid the truth will come out some day,i was never like this ,i dont know how this all started,as a single girl i cheated too but i just never planned it,looking back now i feel awful but the truth is am not enjoying s** with my hubby and am not ready to leave him

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  • Do your husband a favor and get an annulment. YES, not DIVORCE but an ANNULMENT. Getting married to you was a mistake and he needs to remove it from his life.

  • Have you ever considered that your s** life is not enjoyable because instead of communicating with your husband and working through it together, you were a coward and went for the cheap thrill. You are a pastors wife, and whether you want it or not. You are a role model! for other women in your church! So you have hurt more than just your relationship. You are not a Christian, as "you will know them by their fruit" - you don't have any! The right thing to do would to come clean to your husband, ask for forgiveness and show to all the people that look up to you, that relationships can overcome anything, if people actually work on it... However as you are nearly on your 4th guy you will most likely take the cowards way out and let your marriage die! I hope you see sense before you ruin his life!

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