Husband lets me Play

First let me say the I never had a high s** drive with husband, then he had a heart attack now has severe ED.
At first, I thought that I wouldn't miss s**, but became very frustrated, and found that my husband was not very sympathic and looking back I can hardly blame him.
Long story short we talked agreed that I could have a girl's night out, be careful, not to get entangled.
It worked great for a year, but I have met a guy. The s** with him is more than fantastic. wouldn't leave my husband for him but I just can't stop seeing this man.

May 15

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  • Pay no attention to attack comments. People usually do that as a self defense mechanism. Something is a fear or going on in there life. Second people do not have the right to judge. Especially if they never been in the “shoes” their judging on. You need to think about these questions I am going to ask. Have you ever watched or read erotic stories involving “hotwife” “cuckold”, “wife sharing”, “swinging”, etc.? Are you one of those women whom if their husband came to them about their fantasy of watching you with another man or letting you sleep with other men been upset? Are you like so many when it comes to the ever growing movement to an open relationship or lifestyle choice offended or repulsed by it? Don’t you find it ironic that you will see an “attack “ comment when someone posts about any of those but yet what do you think an ongoing affair is in reality? Except those “lifestyle “ ones are done with communication and respect we’re both parties made the decision. The other “the affair” is made only by one party without communication and respect. This is the aspect people whom choose the lifestyle get so upset about. Again I am not judging you. I am offering you the correct way to go about it if you don’t want to leave your husband. You already decided you can sleep with another guy and live one of the lifestyles. To what degree? well that’s what you need to discuss with your husband. Please take the time to talk with people and read real articles on bringing this up to your hubby the right way. Take the deceit out of what your doing and make it a trusted communication bond with your husband. It’s a win win. Or you shouldn’t stay with him.

  • Buy a strap-on for your husband to f*** you with and stop this cheating s***.

  • Enjoy the other man. No strap on will replace the feel of a real c***

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