I know I’m a scumbag but....

I’ve been having an affair, I’m not proud of it, didn’t go looking for it, but fell hard. She has ended it a couple of times, but we recently started seeing each other again. She knows I’m not still sleeping with my wife, but she saw a Facebook post of my family on a day out (reluctantly out on my part) and got jealous. We are in the early stages of a pregnancy “scare”, another test is being done tonight with her friend. The thing that’s killing me is not the potential pregnancy, it’s that last night she said it’s 99% probable that it’s not mine! She slept with her ex after she got jealous. We’ve always been careful, they weren’t. I’m in love with her, but she says we can’t be together. I’m dying inside. Help.

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  • You are right, you are a scumbag.

  • Dude. Don't kid yourself. If she's telling you there's a 99% "probability" that you aren't the father, then that means there's solid chance that there's also a third (or fourth) man involved here, and she's been busily s******* them all. The likelihood is that she's trolling you to step in and claim paternity (women are better at reverse psychology than we are), hoping you'll become jealous and keep pursuing her filthy ass. She's a w****. Clearly. You have to demand -- DEMAND -- a DNA test before you make any decisions about her or about your wife and family, assuming she ultimately points the finger at you. If she doesn't (i.e., if she "confesses" that her husband or one of the other paramours are the baby daddy), then count your lucky f****** stars and abandon that nasty ship and don't ever get back on board. If that happens, you dodged a bullet, and you should never ever let her back in your life. If you want s** and excitement, call 1-800-HOOKERS.

  • So often affairs are epic exciting in the beginning and then the mess that it actually is starts raising it's ugly head. This thing is most likely to blow up. Shut this thing down before you go down before your family goes down in flames.
    Just telling you straight up.

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