War stories

First of all, let me say this upfront. I was not able to serve my country in the military. I am a chronic asthmatic and I have been all of my life. Does this mean I am unqualified to tell war stories?

No it does not. The civil war classic The Red Badge of Courage" was written by Steven Crane and he got his stories from listening to the stories the soldiers him. That's where I get my stories.

My best friend told me this little know fact. The South Vietnamese soldiers and the US forces did not get along well. The ARVN's were openly racially prejudiced against blacks and stealing was not beneath them. The black soldiers in turn, detested most ARVN's.

It was not uncommon to either find yourself robbed blind or in the case of my story find a thieving Arvin going through your hooch and belongings.

My friends black buddy a GI named Robin and nicknamed "Wonder Boy" caught an ARVN in his hooch.

Robin was a big black dude and the ARVN was a small Asian man and the fight was on.

Wonder Boy beat the s*** out of the Vietnamese soldier. He knocked his teeth out and he would have killed the guy had he not been pulled off.

History does not record this and these tales are few and far between but they happened the way I just wrote.


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