Virgin or not? :/

So, my boyfriend and I began making out yesterday, and it led to more intimate sexual action. It got to the point where he wanted to have s**, but i wasn't ready for it. He's much stronger than i, so he had me on the ground. Everytime he tried to penetrate me, i'd push him back. But he was determined. At one point, he actually got part of the tip of his p**** inside, and i pushed him off again. I noticed there was blood on my leg and his hands. It wasnt much blood, actualy it was very little, like 2 smeared drops. So he either broke or tore my hymen. But we didnt have s**, would I be considered a virgin?

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  • No ur not a virgin but why were u on the ground cloths off with boy if u didnt want to hav s** ul giv that boy blueballs ur a c*** teaser

  • No. Ur not a virgin

  • I'd say yes, you're still a virgin.

    But you need to get away from that boyfriend. Whether or not you press charges is a separate issue, but he's already shown that he won't take no for an answer, won't respect your boundaries, and therefore doesn't respect you. What happened isn't your fault, but he's shown himself unworthy of your trust. And who knows what else he might try to use violence to get his way about?

    Avoid him if possible, and whatever you do DON'T get into a sexual situation with him again. You can't trust him.

  • Curious coot- don't be such a c***

  • OK. First of all..... you BOTH were engaged in sexual activity. You invited that much right?

    So tell me honey.... what part of fair is it that you entice somebody with a taste of cake and then pull it back from them when they get close to the icing?

    What you did was learn a DAMNED valuable lesson. You CAN invite rape! And quite easily too.

    Look at it a different way... Would you walk naked into a men's locker room? No. Why? Kinda obvious right?

    Then how about this.... Would you tape a couple of $100 bills on your forehead and walk down a dark street on the bad side of town? No. Obviously not.

    You don't do those things because you don't want to get attacked right? Oh SURE.... being attacked or robbed is against the law. You could press charges.... So what makes either of those activities any different from what you were doing?

    You think about that long and hard honey. Maybe NEXT time you want to get frisky you will think twice.

  • Making out and fooling around is NOT an invitation to rape, and that guy obviously has no respect for her, or he would have not kept trying and trying, boyfriend or not, that is not right, he should learn to control himself.

  • O shut to f*** up she looked for anything she gets most boy would not b able to stop

  • I'd say you are still a virgin.
    But he shouldn't get away with pushing you around like that, you should press charges!

  • i say u are still a virgin and you should press charges againist him

  • i say u are stilla virgin and you should press charges againist him

  • She was naked his c*** out what did she expect him 2 do

  • S** is what you consider s** to be. An awkward, first kind-of sexual encounter, if you don't want to consider that you're first time, then you're still a virgin. You lose your virginity when you make love for the first time, not merely penetration.

  • I say not, so you might as well have s** now, but do you really want a guy who didn't respect that you weren't ready?

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