I think my teacher likes me.. What do you think?

I have one of the nicest teachers ever in photography.I really liked him for while and then it started getting better during the Christmas holidays...Now I think it's coming back.

For our course work in photography, we have to take pictures using film cameras.Last Friday, 3 people in my class did it wrong so my teacher got them all a new roll of film and they had to pay him (£3.50).On Tuesday, my film went wrong.The teacher went to go get me a new roll of film and gave it to me for free...Again on Wednesday my film went wrong and again he got me another roll of film for free.

To hire out a film camera it coats £10 and then you get the money back when you hand the camera back in.When everyone went to hand in their camera, the teacher asked if they could wait till the end of the lesson and then he'd give them back their money.By the end of the lesson people had to remind him to give the money back as he forgot.Today, I went out the class room and left the camera on my desk.When I got back into the class room, without even asking he had taken the camera and placed the £10 into my bag.

Today he was looking through my sketch book and said that my contact sheet might look better if it had got printed out a bit darker.His exact words were 'I think you should to another copy of your contact sheet.If you have your film I could quickly go do that'.He then repeated 'I would do it'.
He has never offered to do someones work.Didn't even think he was allowed to.

He manages to talk to the girls in my class quite easily.He can talk to me about the work, but when it comes down to it just being me and him in the class room it's almost as if he is lost for words has goes quite shy.My friend who also takes photography said it was weird because he finds it easy to talk to students.

What does all of this mean?

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  • Dnt think too much into it, maybe he likes you as a student and sses that you are quite tallented and just wants to help, maybe he respects you more than the others and thinks more of you, this explains why he did that for you (ofr free)and why he may not be able to talk to you very easily
    if something does happen between you guys, pease dont act on it becauase he is your teacher and it'll get messy, trust me, i know what i@m talking about...

  • he likes you just make sure he dont pull any moves on you

  • yeah, he probably finds you attractive. It would have been ok if you were in college, but sounds like you are in high school so that sucks.

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