Teacher hates students

Working with minorities students will make you a racist. I'm an open minded person. But I have become more closed minded and hate people now. Try working with minority students, blacks and Mexicans. White students are much nicer and pleasant and decent. There are numerous times when I had just one or two black students in class and they ruined the entire class.

Black students are rude loud obnixous and indecent. But unfortunately teachers are hypocrites. The funny thing is that most teachers are whites. They are crazy too. They see all of this and don't say a word. I'm not sure what's in their minds. They are very disingenuous. They are like robots. I should write a post about white teachers. They are so weird.

Anyway, I could go on about this but let me just say that white students are a pleasure to work with and teach, but minorities students, black students, are worst than animals. They are so rude, loud, and aggressive. The public school system is so bad and yet no one will talk about it! I tried notifying news agencies, but they didn't care. So I stopped caring. Let these retarded kids ruin their lives and they will. In the end, I will get the last laugh because once they are out of school. They will all be loners, have no money, no friends.

You guys should see what is going on in public schools. White students stay away from black students. I can feel just how racist white kids are against black students. Again, I don't blame them. You can feel the racial tension at school and I'm glad its there. Trust me standing up for "justice" and civil rights, these things are bullshit. If you guys don't believe me, go and work in public schools. It's a zoo.

These black students make our jobs a living h***. In fact, I quite my job because of the black students. It's all a game in the school system. Teachers turn a blind eye and so does the school districts. No one is willing to listen. No one will address the problem. Its such a real society problem! black people are so dysfunctional and they have terrible kids and society has to deal with them!

Oct 30, 2019

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  • As a teacher in secondary education it sounds like you have no classroom management. You probably subconsciously target minorities and they treat you like that accordingly. Lots of white kids think they can get away with anything and have no home training because most white men are p****** and the mom needs a real man in the house to discipline the kids. Being a black man I don't have a problem with classroom management because I actually check and correct behaviors before they get out of control. If you need help with discipline for yourself or your kids leave your contact info.

  • Lots of kids, regardless of ethnicity, think they can get away with anything. Check your own "subconscious" prejudices.

  • Kek n i g g e r s gonna nog. this is what you get when you fight on the side of jews

  • Go light your tiki torch and sit on it, mama's boy

  • They say nothing cause they’ll be sued for discrimination, but you are right. They get everything in school but real life is a whole different ballgame.

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