I love white guys

I am so f****** sick of black people giving me s*** about being attracted to a different race other than my own! it's f****** okay for a black guy to love white women or any other m************ race but a DISGRACE for me, a black woman, to love another race??? I'm labelled as a sell out!! What the f*** you close-minded, hypocritical c****!!!! Jeez are you f****** kidding me??? I'm the type of person who gets super happy and all giddy like when I see interracial relationships and s*** but I get thrashed for saying that *oh that white guy is so hot*.. like what the f***? when will people be so open-minded and accept that colour is not such a big deal anymore, plus well as a woman.. I'm all up for being independent and going for whatever you want girl! Nobody can hold you back as a girl, unless you want them to! Anyways, black people, it ain't my fault you guys do not want to experience the fruits of nature be they asian (indians included), caucasians, mixed race etc..but want to criticise those who are willing to wanna be who they wanna be and f*** who they wanna f***! Boo ya...here's to loving white chocolate! Venting has never felt so goooooood!!! mmmm

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  • I feel your pain. I am a white man that has always been attracted to women of color. I dated a girl in high school that had a black dad and white mom, but she looked black. Nobody ever had the nerve to say anything to my face, but I would get anonymous calls calling me a "N-lover" and then they would hang up. I hated being made to feel like I was doing something wrong.

  • Enjoy life, and if you want a white man, go for it.

  • Personally i Dont like interracial relationships im ok with black girl white guy but I REFUSE to accept white girls and black guys youve seen the way black girls treat white women they treat'em like s***, ive talked a number of women out of those kind of relationships, and plus another reason i dont like dating black girls is because of their hair its brillo vs long and silky plus white women can pull off dying their hair different colors black girls cant; yeah you can hate me for my choices but i dont care

  • I am a black guy and cannot trash any black woman for dating whoever they want. Its a free world!Why you cuss so much?

  • Because it's a free world

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