Ive Had Three Abortions And My Partner Hits Me.

Ive been pregnant three times in three years being with my boyfriend that I live with. He made me get an abortion every time, I regret it so much. I wish that I could have been stronger and said "no!" more clearly. I wanted to carry the baby full term.
And then a few months ago he started hitting me. I dont know if any one knows or not because the bruises were pretty obvious but no one ever said anything to me.
Its so hard because his family thinks he is the most important person ever and I have to keep this secret whenn I just want to scream at them that he isnt the perfect little man that you thought he was.

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  • all I can think of sayingis the guy needs his ass kicked. I couldn't imagine doing that to anyone. I'd gladly do it for you if you wanted. I'm not small at all

  • well maybe you should tell your partner,that you are saving your kids from a bad Father.i do not approve of Abortion,but i do not approve of bad father's neither.

  • I hate to hear this I feel like crying why should us women put up with this? Please!!!!! you are worth more that this get out, call the cops lock his ass up. Have some self esteem and walk away.

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