My Fiance's possible baby?

My fiance had a very bad situation happen on his 18th birthday. His girlfriend who was 15 or so decided to call ** on him after he dumped her. Before the trials started and whatnot this girl and him had a one last time hook up where she became pregnant. He ended up going away to jail after the girl testified against him (Her now being 6 months along).

This girl from what I heard (From many people) She's a compulsive liar, she sleeps around etc. Over all my opinion about her is horrible. This girl now has a restraining order on him. she comes to his work almost every month and says hi to people that work there.

My fiance's family hates her completely and has stopped all communication since his conviction except him brother who is 1 year older then him. This brother still talks and hangs out like normal with her. (THIS I FIND VERY VERY SKETCHY)

Anyways this girl now has a 4 years old boy. My fiance wants the to know if the kid and if it is he wants to step up and be the kids life. (THERE IS STILL A RESTRAINING ORDER ON HIM) I feel like this is the worst choice he's going to make if the kid really is his. I think if the girl was crazy enough to call ** on him that she's gonna be crazy enough to call abuse on him to or worse! I don't want his whole life to be destroyed by this girl anymore. He's such a amazing guy and I have seen the pain this has caused him and the changes he has made to brighten up his future. This causes many arguments between us.


Jan 24, 2012

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  • There's always two sides to the story, but this girl sounds immature and crazy. I don't get how it's possible that she goes near his workplace when she has a restraining order against him. Seems hypocritical. He should have a judge require that a DNA test be done to prove paternity. And if so..if you guys are worried that she'll claim abuse, maybe have supervised visitation. All these claims and suspicions should also be documented somehow - show a pattern of her erratic behavior. Does he currently pay child support? And why is his brother hanging out with this chick? Is he sleeping with her too? If this child his his, you're going to have to deal with her for the rest of your lives together and will most likely have to be the bigger mature person. It's true, you don't know what she's capable of - especially for her to call ** and see it through to trial and sentencing. You're worried about his future and that girl has a lot of growing up to do. Your best bet may be to move away from the area and if the kid is his, to see him on occasion.

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