I miss the girl that I cheated on my BF with

Long story short, I am a female in a relationship with a man. Last year, I was bored and wanting someone to talk to, so I went on yahoo chat. I met this girl named Marie that lived in Alaska. She was about 13 years younger than me. We started having an online relationship, talking almost every night. Things got messy pretty quickly, and I stopped talking to her for a few months.

I got lonely one night and emailed her again, and we started up our relationship, same as before. She introduced me to her mother and sister, and I talked to all three of them separately. As it turned out, they all ended up wanting me (I still don't know why).

Everything started to fall apart from there... threats from her family when I wasn't online to talk to her, more threats that they would find me and do awful things to me. I abruptly cut off all communication with the three of them... deleting my email accounts and screen names.

That was six months ago. I still miss talking to Marie... little things will remind me of the time we had together. I haven't told anyone about this at all, for fear that it will hurt my relationship with my boyfriend.

but I still think of her sometimes... I wish I could tell her that I'm sorry.

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  • Just suffer through it. my gf had a relationship like that and it almost ended us. i still have some problems with it sometimes. just forget it and live your life for today

  • I've been in some really messy situations myself, so I feel you. I miss my ex too. I just saw a picture of her with her new girlfriend- wife- they got married. And I couldn't help but think, "That could have been me."

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