You left scars, but I'm growing to like them.

Since you I've changed. I used to open my heart to people, be a romantic, loving devoted man. Since you, I'm closed off. None of my relationships last, because I can't let anyone in. I'm numb to love, affection, and kindness. I've hurt some really good, honest women because of it, and it tears me up, but I never show it, on the surface atleast. Something flipped inside my head when I finally left you, when I couldn't take all the emotional abuse, drunken screaming and you throwing things at me and trying to get a reaction out of me. I don't know what's wrong with you, and I know I didn't deserve it. I drove, 450 miles away from you and started over. I changed my number, and disappeared. You, and your family still try to get ahold of me. I hope one day, I soften up again, because I know I can love someone who deserves it in amazing and true ways. You just never appreciated it, never showed me once that it meant anything. I know I can make someone smile everyday, someone who deserves it. I know karma will get you for the things you did to me, I just hope it gets me, for the good things I did to you. I want to be me again..

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  • Sounds like borderline personality disorder.

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