Pretty much the worst things ive ever done

When I was three I went to the river behind my aunts house with my abusive cousins friend and we threw rocks at floating stuff and we accidently hit a crocodile and when it started to swim to shore u just ran and didnt look back amd i still dont know it the kid is ok or dead it is a weight on my consionse for all this time i am fourteen now. Being a teen you probably know he next one i m********* and am very ashamed of it. Also when I was in a relationship with this girl I continued to flirt with the other girls I txted and I didn't tell anyone. I'm a closed off person and rarely let my feelings out so I am sort of a time bomb if you say the wrong thing to me I might blow up in your face or just stay angry I've even had people ask if I was trying to quit drugs cuz they thought I was going through withdraw. I tend to take it out unknowingly on my little brother unfortunatly and because I haven't told my mom she thinks It's because of violent video games but it isnt. I was adopted out of a abusive family and I have fantisized multiple time about how I would kill my old parents for what they did to me and my sister and also what my old dad did to ky mom(technically my moms my sister) and they have been pretty messed up. I also curse behind my parents and family's back and I have slipped only once infront of my bro. Lastly today i was flirting with this.girl I dated before and i dont even like her like that anymore.

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  • A f****** crocodile! wtf Where yall skipping stones in the congo and it sounds like your abusive cousins friend didn't make it sorry. He looked back and saw the p***** off croc but it was to late. And when your feeling down just remember that after every dark night comes a bright day!

  • Definitely worth talking to people like teachers, parents, friends, anyone about how you're feeling. Don't let bad feelings build up, there's a lot of people out there to support you. Your school might have access to counsellors if you want someone else to talk to.

  • Talking to someone about your worries and troubles might help. There's various charities out there - childline ( offers free private one-to-one chats online with a counsellor (works a bit like instant messaging) or there's various others that might be more local to you. Depression shouldn't be something anyone goes through alone.

  • That's scary... Are you depressed? Your lack of emotions could mean that you're depressed.. Or you're just evil and you hurt other people for fun. Which one are you?

  • Correction the worst thing you have ever done was your grammar, punctuation and spelling in this post. Please, stay in school and never, ever, use cyber lingo in real life. Cuz it mk u look 2 stoopid nub, pwnt.

  • Shut up you f****** a******! Don't you have a heart? Read what this person said before you judge him/her. Ffs if you can't stand it get the h*** out of this website because from time to time people will write incorrectly. Smartass...

  • Correct: I have no heart I'd sooner gut this little b**** then look at him, so? I don't give two s*** about this kid, you or anyone else for that matter, f*** the world.

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