Why was it so hard to resist?

Just left from a hotel room in Tahoe. I have a girlfriend of 6 years and she does nothing but love me. She's a good person, freakishly unselfish and kind. And here I am full of guilt like no other for I stayed the night with a co worker whom I always thought was attractive. I had options, a way out but found myself in bed with her. We didn't have s** but certainly fooled around. And we didn't have s** only because no protection but had we had some, it would have gone down much to my current dismay. I knew I was doing something wrong the whole time but couldn't stop myself. I think I need help. She invited me and seemingly planned this out but no matter. I was reeled in so easily. Ugh, and I blame her for this? What kind of person am I?? Don't want to fess up to any of my friends but need to vent this out. God help me!

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