It wasn't cancer, but I wish it was

Sometimes I wish I had cancer or heart disease instead of depression.

Then maybe people would stop yelling at me for being unable to finish my senior year before I was 17 and stop telling me that I'm selfish or seeking attention.

Or maybe not blame me if I suddenly just can't wake up one morning because my body has just had enough...

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  • I have Lupus and Arthritis, depression and anxiety. Sometimes I wish I had something wrong with me that people could tell by looking at me, instead of thinking I'm lazy or an attention-seeker. It does suck.

  • It's a tough,demanding world!

    No one truly understands what we are going through but everyone has thousands of expectations from us.

    Trust me, you are not alone in facing this. And yes disappearing into thin air seems such a pleasant thought. But we just gotta deal with it. Find our own way to vent out frustrations and move on.Help our self cause no one else is going to.

    A little relief could only be friends and company where we could, even if for a little while,forget our troubles and just enjoy.

  • My darling, try not to be so sad. Dictate your soul to be happier. Is that bad, the sadness, sweetheart? It must be hard.

    I know what you mean; I also wanted so many times to just vanish but somehow I made through another day; there will be many dark days and happy ones and you just have to be strong; try to relax and let all those wicked people yell and think of them as perfect; try your best in life and more than this you can not do and be happy with who you are; there are so many wicked people here in the world; one thing you should find priceless is your life; I wish we do not cause so much damage to each other, just because we are insensitive to one's feelings.

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