If u receive

Child support there is a good chance that ur a leech and should get ur own job maybe...and if ur gonna argue against this maybe figure out how much of that money is actually going to the kid...

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  • Things aren't always, black and white.Sometimes you need to see, the bigger picture.My suggestion to you is, open your mind and stop being judgemental.Walk a mile in people's shoes, before you're quick to judge those, that receive child support.
    The individuals that receive child support are different from one another and may have differing circumstances, as to the reasons why, they receive child support.Don't presume and make assumptions, about the individual who receive those particular benefits.

  • Why you gott a make it all bout race? What black or white got to do with it?

  • Ugh, another stupid SJW just frantic to be triggered by the least little thing. You losers aren't even trying to be artful about it anymore.

    YOU were the one who tried to make it about race. YOU and no one else. Typical attention-starved professionally-outraged middle-class suburbanite SJW.

  • Re-read my comment and take the time to fully comprehend, what I meant by "Black and White" :)

    If you have and you still think I was referring to race, you've misunderstood what I conveyed.

  • Again it doesn't apply to everyone it can be a man or women it does get abused frequently

  • Thanks for clarifying, that your OP in regards to people on child support, doesn't apply to everyone.Your OP didn't clarify this.It insinuated, the latter.Hence, why I commented :)

  • Hello, child support receiver here. I receive child support, not alimony to be clear. My ex husband and I have one son together. He lives primarily with me in a house, and sees his father every second weekend. I work full time, and make decent wages. I am the one responsible for keeping his home over his head, water running, power and heat on. I am responsible for making sure his has clothing, school supplies, the coolest shoes. I am responsible for feeding him good food/balanced meals. I buy his toiletries. I buy all his costumes at Halloween. I buy most of his gifts at his birthdays and Christmas.

    You bet your ass that the child support actually goes to my son. I didn't make him on my own, and I work hard to do my part to support him, but absolutely his father should have a part in supporting him too. I never ask for anything extra from my ex. I accept what he pays, and I take exceptional care of our son because he's a fantastic kid and we both love him very much even if we don't love each other.


  • Oh and she was the one that cheated on him too before they split....

  • His father cheated on me, but in my country alimony isn't really a thing. He's a great father, but wasn't a great husband. But we both take responsibility for the life we created.

  • Idiot

  • I know a guy who has an ex that makes it a b**** for him to see his kid and then spends the money she gets from him on liquor and expensive bras......she makes double what he does......soon f*** u too

  • It should be illegal to have s**. The government should enforce it and establish a law that all procreation be done in labs by artificial insemination and only 100 fitting women can become pregnant through this process per year.

  • They do need to control population more but that is just stupid

  • But what about the man's responsibility to take care of their child.....it IS essentially a part of them? They laid down and had s** with these women so they should also take part in the responsibility of raising what they created, accident or not. Calling a woman a leech for making a man take responsibility seems kind of harsh and uncalled for.....

  • The man only wants s** its up 2 the woman to tak pill som b****** com aftr the man 4 support so unfair

  • This can be either a man or a women I'm saying it gets abused a lot

  • Men shouldn't be idiots and should wear a rubber if they they can't stick around to raise a child. Deadbeat dads should pay too, their responsibility for creating a life as well.

  • We hate rubber

  • Condoms break that's the last line of defence then it's e women's decision

  • Single girls who get pregnant only hav themself 2 blame the man wants s** not a baby i got a girl pregnant and shed hav loked 4 support but i convenced her to blame her bf now everyone is happy

  • It works both ways.The man and woman, are just as much to blame, as each other.

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