I was in a bar when a fight broke out

I was talking to a guy I'd met and he hd just got back from the Gulf war. There was a commotion going on in the bar and two patrons went outside to fight. It was bad fight as they were both p***** off at each other to the point of being murderous.

The guy I had been talking to said he was going to breat it up but I warned him not to. Both guys were p***** and it looked like they were trying to kill each other.

He ignored my advice and he tried to pull them apart. One of them pulled a knife and stabbed him in the heart.

I ran back inside the bar and the police were on their way.

I knew the guy I ad met was dead by his eyes and the huge amount of blood the patrons were trying in vain to stop.

The guy with the knife ran but we got his tag number. The other guy didn't try to leave.

I was in court with five other witnesses and I didn't have to testify. I was never called on but the guy with the knife was sentenced to fifteen years in state prison. It was a hard fifteen which means no parole.

The bar owner was the main witness and his testimony was all that was needed. I had already made a statement to the police and it is on record.

I feel bad for the soldier who had lived through the gulf war only to be murdered in a stupid alcohol fueled fight as soon as he got home.

I wish he had listened to me.

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  • This sounds terrible but you did a great job of helping out, as much as you could. You're a good person! All the same it is sad when someone young gets killed for nothing. Alcoholic drinking kills too many innocent people every year because some people get crazy when they drink. It is a very unfortunate part of life in the world. Sorry you had to witness this. Take care now.

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