My girlfriend can't stand me

I feel like my girlfriend doesn't even like me anymore. She's so h****** me and I hate when she calls me names. She seems constantly annoyed by me. I'm on a diet because I know that when I was a size 0, at least she was nice to me. I can't say this to her, but I have to say it somewhere or I'm going to implode.

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  • I'm madley inlove with my girlfriend but it seems she has no respect at all for me. She calls me nasty names when she's in a bad mood...but does say she doesn't mean them after ward''s killing me inside to think she doesn't want me anymore...we been together for 6 years and her mom passed away last year...she ain't been the same since...our s** life has gone...I Jst want her back we used to be ..really close and now we just ain't...

  • Maybe you two don't communicate correctly. It's good that you are on a diet, but maybe she isn't mean to you because you gained a little weight. She sounds unhappy, just talk to her more and if she doesn't seem to care about you then dump her. Don't allow her to call you names anymore.

  • If you're going to go on a diet, you should do it for yourself. And your girlfriend (and anyone else in your life) should not be calling you names. She's probably more unhappy with herself and her life, and it has nothing to do with you. You should talk with her. Maybe it's time for you two to part ways...

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