Almost stabbed

My wife and I got in a terrible screaming match. Really bad on both sides. Bring up old stuff. After telling something at her she came in with a big kitchen knife and screamed she was going to stab me. Chased me around the house. Finally threw it. So hard thegandle broke off
Then she punched both arms like twenty times
I just told her she was a weak p**** and walked away
Didn’t call the cops. She came left and came back in. Pushed her way through the door and threatened me again
To me it’s so strange. Even if you hate your spouse you chase them with a knife?
I say to myself is it justified because I yelled back at her ????did not walk away?

Apr 19, 2018

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  • You have to be careful when she punches you. It’s tempting not to prevent it or stop her. But of you don’t you get weakened too much and then can’t stop it.

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