I think I MIGHT be pregnant,AND I'M

I think I MIGHT be pregnant,AND I'M F****** FREAKING OUT.

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  • omg.. Kate?!

    you said these exact words to me the other night.. after you knowww... but yeah... im leaving you.

  • get a pregnancy test dumbass

  • How come you people NEVER think about the consequences until it's too late? You deserve all you get--all the h*** that is. What about this poor kid?

  • Freaking won't help. There is help. Start with Planned Parenthood or similar. You can't go through this alone.

  • Did you use protection and it broke or were you like many other freaked out girls who decided in the heat of the moment to go without protection and is now pregnant? Either way you knew the consequences so deal with it. Although as the last commenter said you can always abort or put it up for adoption.


  • there are alternatives. adoption, abortion, growing up and raising a kid.
    if you're old enough to f***, you should be old enough to pay the consequences of not using proper protection.

  • you should be. kids really suck. i would know.

    get a pregnancy test or go to a pregnancy clinic

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