My Secret Possession

I am in possession of the weirdest thing on Earth.

I have a friend who tells me when old houses are going to be wrecked and I go through them and pick up antiques and collectibles. It's a hobby.

This week I got the word and I picked up a trunk from an old house's basement. It held pictures and old films, There were videotapes that had the reel numbers on them, an effort to transfer the old films around maybe 1980. From various clues in the trunk, I was guessing the pictures and reels dated back to around 1910-12.

The stuff was p***. Not just any p*** but hardcore p*** with kids. And titles all about families and incest. And everyone in it looked enough alike to make me think it was a real family. Not just a few shots, but six hours of film and about four thousand photos in sixty-one series.

On one hand, it's the most unique antique collectible collection on Earth, maybe invaluable. On the other hand, it's illegal as h***.

What the h*** do I do with it?

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  • You will get in serious trouble for that! I would burn it or give it to the police. It could be evidence they may have needed in a incest/rape case.

  • Its rather common to find such in ppl trash . mom and daughter daddy daughter brother sister a few mom and son. mostly really young girls and older boys. lots of pedos incest out there.

  • give it to the police

  • Keep it well hidden but keep it.

  • whats a video tape ?

  • Turn it in to the cops even though the statute of limitations has probably run out.

  • probabaly run out.u think so 100 years old everyone in it dead.yea i would say it ran out.....DUMBASS

  • Do what the last guy did. Lock it in a trunk and forget about it for the next guy to find.

    Or, anonymously donate it to the Smithsonian. I'd love to see the news headlines for that one!

  • Burn it, Dude....

  • Get rid of it. Anything other then disposing of it properly, will most likely land you in jail and on the registered s** offenders list for life. No one will care how you acquired it, they'll wonder why you kept it.

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