My firs girl

She was 24, i was 16.
I met her and her boyfriend on a online game. We went to camping near their rural properties a few time (far from our home)
She kissed me in their car in a night there. I was too sleepie to understand.
After a few weeks i leaved my town for capital for staying at their flat, she kissed me again, the she masturbated with me.
I was to shy/close mind to know what to do. She just rubbed herself on me, me having an ** under underwear.

she did that everyday for 2 weeks, until i left their flat.

Her boyfriend which was a good guy and a friend, was 26 and he knew nothing about us. He just worked in that period.

We met again a few more times after and she kissed me every time when she had the chance.

after one year they got married and i was invited to be the one that keeps the candle, and i blamed myself for what i did.

And starting with that moment i tried to cut every connection with them.
But because i didn't manage to find a good reason to tell him about this obvious cut, sometimes i answer to him, and i feel so ** bad because i can't (don't want to) tell him about what me and his wife did.

This thing is my biggest secret and i cannot find a way to escape from it.. i cannot tell to anyone because all my friend know my deep connection with them..

Next Confession

I hate life.

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  • I think he knows. The time you three spent together, the closeness, the opportunities you two had alone together probably were no accident. He probably gets off on what you two do together.

  • what makes u think so?

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