I hate that i love him

We started dateing on September 30th 2011.

When we first stated dateing, you were the sweetest, most careing,cuttiest,funny, Boyfriend ever. I used to say you toped all my exes...Buh then we dated longer & i finally found out how f****** phyco you are, not towards me..buh everyone eles. Your dad put you thew some h***, never wanting us to hang out Nor text after 10.. I guess he dint want you likeing me, like i wasnt good enuf? Then when your mom picked us up after school, he called wondering were you where. wanted you home right that second..you got mad & freaked out....When we meet your dad in the school parking lot, and he chased you...and everything that went on...hurt me? I dint want to be with someone where there family is so f***** up...That has a whole bunch of problems..I know, my family isnt the best..My brothers always in truble with the stupid ass law...buh, at least we got along. Your dad never meet me, and i still think he hates me. Then the night you went home to get everything becuse your moveing in with you mom...He beat the s*** out you, so you were down, you live 3hours away, saw me once every2/3 weeks.. I coulnt deal with your stress + mine, i had no way to contact you..i got my ipod taken away becuse of pics on your phone, that was stolen..You have charges now becuse you stole from places...all that simple anger problems got you here..& i know people say"i dont wanna be anything like my dad/mom" well some people cant HELP it...they dont mean to..& your father was beaten when he was little too, i only know this becuse my mom grew up with him..lived next door. Everything in your life is so hectic right now. & i DONT wanna be the one getting freaked out one becuse you think im doin stuff behind you back, so i broke up with you until both of us got our heads/life back on track! i did it for both of us. & we try n be friends, but you hit on all of my friends ? and i get Flipped out on for like a guys pic? one night you were drunk & thought i was getting with one of your good friends becuse of a post...BLEW up on me...then asked everyone at school if we talked,and huged and everything..when me & him only say hi everyonce n a while:/ Your pathetic calling Eveery girl that you talk to beautifull,and angle, ect...your makeing your self look pathetic & desprit...You try talking to me, i talk back, buh gotta remind you, were only friends & thats all we will Ever be...you f***** up:/ so manytimes, where sorry dont mean s*** anymore. grow up a little. and relise theres other girls out there.other than me.. Im trying to move on & get over you, Buh you wont leave it alone....

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