My childhood was ruined

I'm a 17 year old boy. i'm in foster care for some reasons i just dont know.I mean, i have an idea but just dont know for sure? i lived witth just my mum for most of the 6 years i lived with her. y dad nevver wanted to see me so getting a step dad seemed great. But, it wasn't. he sexually abused me. i REALLY hated it (understandable?) and i'd tell him not to do it but he'd tell me to shut up and carry on. when i went into foster care, my brother mentioned this to social services... but i denied it. not because i liked it, not becuse i liked him. it was purely due tto the fact i was ashamed. nobody knows now (except that brother) and i dont know what to do?

Also, when i was 9, my 10 year old brother was knocked off his bike by a car. we didnt live together and i had just seen him the day before (monthly visits). he was in a comer in intensie care for a week and a half until the doctors decided it's time to turn his life support machine off. i have this clear image in my head that haunts me - him at the hospital. he was just... swollen. i couldn't talk or touch him - i didnt want to, i didnt think it was him. he passed away a week before my eldest brothers birthday and only seeing my mum once a month didn't help at all. i dont see any of my family exept my mum - thy just dont like me nomore.

My dad found out about my brothers death and said he'll come and see me. he saw me once and never again "it's boring" he said. Theres more but i'm probably broing you - i'm not doing this to attention seek. i just need the support. Wht should i do about my step dad and should i contact my real dad? please comment, thank you.

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  • I recommend having a REAL conversation with someone you trust about this, these questions are far too important to be answered online. You seem like a pretty sensible guy, and although it might be harder to start this conversation in person I think it would help the most. I can't tell you what to do about your dad and stepdad, but I can tell you that you're not alone. As you can see from the first comment, there are lots of orphans out there who can relate to you. I am not an orphan, but I have lost loved ones and felt the pain of rejection from my father. The best wisdom I can offer is to not make any decision without first talking to somebody. Best wishes man


  • OK first of all you need a responsible adult to speak to. Seeking anonymous advice on a internet confession board is not the way to go. A lot of people here make things up for attention. I'm not saying you are, all 'm saying is that you might be. There is no way to know for sure.

    Regardless if there's no one to talk to at school find a hotline or someplace to call. You can speak anonymously. There are a lot of issues for you to deal with if what you say is true. If you're making things up then shame on you. I was in foster care too when I was your age which is why I responded to your post. I will not write anymore for the reasons said above. Good luck.

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