This isnt right...

Im fourteen and havent thought about s** or relationships although Ive decided at this point that Im Bi.. Ive always been attracted to girls more than boys but not to the point where Ill ask one out or anything.

So anyways a couple months ago I started going over to my friends sleepovers. I went to my friend Racheals house and had a sleepover there. Her parents were working at there two jobs for the night and half of the next day, so it was me, Racheal, Sydney and Ashley. Im fourteen, Racheals 15 Sydneys 15 and Ashleys 16 Most of the night we talked about boys and other girls (not like that) But eventually we settled down to watching a movie for about an hour or so and then it was 9:00 or so. Thats when Sydney said we should play a game. And she picked the game which was something Im sure she made up right then. The game was that one person would ask another person a question that was personal or something like that and if the person lied theyd take a piece of clothing off.

So we played for a while and it felt really, really akward taking off clothes like that but we all had blankets to cover up in. Eventually at about 9:45 I had only my Bra, panties and pants on, Racheal had on her shirt, bra and panties, Sydney had on her bra and a blanket over her naked bottom and Ashley was naked accept a blanket she had wrapped around her.

So Ashley was out and it was Sydneys turn to ask me a question. She asked if I slept heavy which I said yes to because I do and we continued the game. Eventually it was 10:00 and I wanted to go to bed but we had to finish the game. After a while longer the game was over and everyone but Sydney was completely naked (we still had the blankets though) I went to put my clothes on but Sydney said part of the game was to go to sleep naked.

Well that was really akward it was getting cold in there and I felt like peeing but I went to go to bed on one of the two big beds in the master room. Sydney was sleeping in the other bed and Racheal and Ashley were sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. Weird since it was Racheals house.

I fell asleep fast but suddenly woke up, although it was actually 2:00 in the morning. I didnt know what had woken me up until I heard a soft noise, which sounded like skin moving together. Now I was scared and that was because my older brother liked playing disturbing horror games like Silent Hill and I could only imagine what was making those noises.

I crept out of bed with a thin blanket clothing me, snuck by Sydney who was still asleep and I discovered that Ashley and Racheal were gone. Now I was really freaked out but didnt want to wake Sydney so I tiptoed down the hall to find what was making those noises. I found the guest room slightly ajar and saw movement inside. I peeked through the door and saw Ashley and Racheal touching each other naked! Racheal was on the ground her b**** touching the floor and Ashley was feeling Racheals p****. Racheal gave a little moan when Ashley began rubbing her p**** fast and I dont know what did it but I must have made some noise because Ashley looked through the crack at me.

I felt super embarressed and ran back to my bed and covered up. I dont know if they saw if it was me or Sydney but the next day was kinda akward for everyone (except Sydney)

I cant get out of my mind how pretty Ashley looked naked and Racheals moans, I dont want to have s** but I think if I stay at any more sleepovers I may be touched in my sleep.

What should I do?

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  • well, you might be bi, which is okay, nothing wrong with that. so the next time you see them, just confess to what you saw and tell if you liked or not. just be honest. im sure theyll understand!

  • u should join them next time

  • i would do it again to see if it would happen who knows u mite like it to be with a girl u can email me and let me know in yahoo putput4us

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