My girlfriend and I went to a Halloween party last year. Her friend was the host, who is kinda wild. I thought my GF was going as a witch. But, when she came down the stairs she was in a stripper outfit. I was like WTF. You could tell she was braless, and the the skirt didn't cover her butt. I asked her why are you wearing THAT! She said her friend Brenda gave it to her(of course), and other girls at the party would be wearing similar clothing. I didn't want an argument,
(big mistake). So, I said lets go.

We arrive at the party, her friend Brenda answered the door, she is dress as a witch, but the top is sheer, definitely can see her t***. A whole bunch of people are already there. Luckily they have TVs on for the various college games, and movies. I am not a party guy, my GF Ashley goes to the bar and starts to drink, it was still early but people are getting hammered, music is playing, and girls are dancing, I look over and my GF skirt flies up from her dancing, and I can tell she isn't wearing any panties. WTH, not only is she showing her ass to everyone, she is showing off her p****. Before I can get up to ask her why she is not wearing panties. This guy starts talking to me about how Green Bay was going to beat KC tomorrow night.

I finally get away, and don't see a few of the ladies. I go down a hall and the girls come out of bedroom laughing about something. Ashley is with them, she is pretty drunk by now, she pulls me aside, and tells me about how this black guy named Bruce showed the girls his c***, and it was enormous. I can't really say anything, I have been to strip clubs, so I brush it off.

The party is getting pretty loud. I go back to watching the late football game that is on, Ashley continues to drink way too much. I was going to ask Ashley if it was time to go, but her friend. Brenda comes and sits on my lap. Surprisingly, not very drunk, she begins to flirt with me, she pulls her top aside and asks if I want to suck her t***. Really? my GF would freak. I say no, and look to see if Ashley is at the bar, strangely I don't see her, I guess she is going to bathroom. Brenda seems to want to keep me seated. Finally, I see Ashley come down the hallway, kinda wobbly, Brenda springs up and runs over to her and they go to the bathroom. A few minutes later, Ashley comes over and asks to leave.

The car ride home she was very quiet. I ask whats up, she says don't get mad, first sign I probably will be angry. "Some of the girls were going in the bedroom and sucking Bruces' c***." "OH S***, tell me you didn't suck his c***." "I wasn't going to, but Brenda said it would be fun" My head is spinning, my GF just admitted to sucking another mans c***. She continues, She said she was the last one to suck his d***, but he wanted p**** too. "I was just going to let him put just the tip in, (like that makes a difference). he f***** me instead. My brain could not of been more fried right then. AND then she added, HE CAME IN ME! I could not breathe, but stupid thoughts went through my head, like what would I do if she got pregnant, (she was on the pill). How many people know other than Brenda. And why did you let him bareback you?

We don't live together, so I dropped her off at home, the entire time she is crying, and pleading with me not to dump her. I drive home crying like a baby.

She called me everyday for 2 weeks, but I didn't want to talk to her. I finally gave in and called her, she cried, and said it would never happen again, and she would do anything to make it up to me. I admit I may of been stupid, but I decided to stay with her. We had make up s**, but honestly the only thing I could think of was her getting f***** my someone else. Some will call me a cuck for not dumping her, but I don't care.

Oct 15, 2020

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  • Omg women dont need to wearbras. she doesnt dress for you shut the fuckup

  • Dude please stop posting this year after year, we didn’t believe you back then what makes you think we will now.

  • If this is indeed a repeat posting, then the OP is more than likely telling the truth and is repeating it because he hasn't much or any other experiences to share.

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