I hate myself

I hate myself. I hate the way i act, the way I treat other people and the way I look. I just get so disgusted with my behaviour. I act like an easy w**** to guys and I can't help it, i'm just so lonely all the time. I wish that I could change so many things about myself and the things I do. For some reason I think that if I do stuff with guys that they'll like me more and stick around, but when I do in a matter of weeks they just stop talking to me and I feel so crap. I honestly don't know what to do.

Feb 16, 2012

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  • Guys love s**** but just as s**** not gfs

  • u r a weak girl (if u still a girl)...
    guys oppress females for ages because of this type of submissive character that u n other common girls have. I saw most girls dont help girls, but could help a guy to bully a girl, they are really no self-respect and cheapen girls level in front of guys, especially those low level quality males. Good quality men won't disrespect females.
    a girl is attractive not because she giving in s** easily but on the contrary, hard to get. I mean, not playing game hard to get, but being having a unique personal charisma, be smart, independent thinking, intellectual, and have inner strength to endure loneliness. Thus, u r just being selective, not really hard to get by high quality men, but,yes, never managed to be approach by those cockcroaches and reptiles. U r not a `w****'. W**** is just mere word created by MEN to control women to have plural lovers, enjoying sexes like men do. This word is created out of jeolousy and narrow hearts of men.
    dont be a shame among girls. Stand up. enjoy your feminity.
    choose guys. dont be slave of s** n loneliness. be the master of them.
    How to do it?
    Shift your focus to upgrade yrself, from inside out.
    1. Read (only good quality books)
    2. have some good mentor like Oprah,Jolie Angelina, Benazir Bhutto, first ladies, coco chanel...
    3. broaden ur taste ofmusic instead of hip hpo those vulgar lyrics...
    U just need a Quality Control...
    I wish u very good luck!

  • Look shes just the town bike great to ride but of no othr use

  • stay sexy. be cool. go to 43things, set yr goal to be a phenomenal woman! u r on yr journey to maturity. now u already paid an expensive tutorial fees for life lessons. Redeem yr dignity. Live sexily and attractively as a woman. :)

  • well i'm sorry i wish i could make you feel better but i'm right there with you except for many different reasons...

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