Hotwifing troubles

My wife and I have been involved in hotwifing for the last five months. For me, it's been an unmitigated disaster, especially the holidays. For her, it's been perpetual spring break. I thought that allowing her to see other men -- while I kept myself for her -- would make her feel more happy and complete, and that it would enegerize our s** life at home. And that she'd go out occasionally at night, but then always come home to me and our child after she'd finished with whoever she was with. The hotwifing site we used said to let her find her way, and to give it awhile to even out, but things aren't getting better: she's just going out more often, and staying out longer, sometimes for several days at a time, without calling or coming home. When I express my reservations to her, all I get is: "You agreed to this because you SAID you love me, and you can't back out now after we've just started it". Have any of you had experience with hotwifing? DOES it get better? Or am I just a Class-One moron for supporting her while she lives her life like she's not married (except for the fact that she's living that life on my bank account and credit card) and not a mother?

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  • Yup you’re a world class moron

  • Sounds like it turned to a cuckold relationship

  • Be a f****** man and f*** her in the ass and then leave the s***, your better off alone than with a w**** who begs for other c**** and then blames you for it.

  • Going to a concert my wife had on a regular dress and as always with no panties. That morning and afternoon of the concert I f***** her and as always she left it wet and dripping down her leg. So right before leaving for the concert she changes into what was called a "T-shirt dress". Basically like a T-shirt it just about covered her ass and hairy p****. Then she bent over and I f***** her. Then she took a pee standing up, Then she went in my desk and got a girlie book and jerked off and squirted on the floor. After she had squirted and right before we left she bent over and I f***** her again, and she was so wet and open I just put it in between her legs and it slipped in easily until I came in her again. Never did she wipe her p**** and then we went to a fast food place as we didn't have time for a restaurant and she was dripping everywhere. At the concert and in the 1st row she opened her legs wide and flashed the musicians. Then on the way home I had to stop on a side street and took her outside of the car, bent her over and shot one more load in her. That was the sluttiest she ever was.

  • That's hot

  • You and her are not hotwifing. She is being a wh*** and basically cuckolding you. Hotwifing would be you deciding who she has s** with. You need to assert some dominance and get her in line. The husband is in control in actual hotwifing situations.

  • Hotwifing needs a well defined written agreement from the start. It needs to provide mutual benefit to the marriage. There needs to be very open communication of desires, feelings, limits & date details. If this all works. Hotwifing can add excitement & warmth to the marriage.

  • Yes - A well thought out, by both, written agreement & very open communication (no secrets) is essential. The agreement must have equal concern for both. It must include a paragraph concerning methods to modify running rules & terms for veto. It also must establish goals.

  • I'd say she's actually just cheating on you. I got my wife into hotwifing, and she's had s** with many of my male friends, mostly threesomes (with another guy and me), but we do it together. We've also had foursomes with other couples, where I f*** the other wife, but not too often. But we do it together, everything is up-front and we know what is going on. Then we pick up the kid from grandma's and continue our regular domestic life as a committed married couple/family. I think you need to set some boundaries/rules.

  • As someone who's been on both ends of the spectrum I have to say you're making a mistake. For years I was the young black guy with a thick c*** s******* other men's wives as they watch. When I got older I allowed my wife at the time and later my girlfriend to s**** other guys. Let me tell you it never works out the way you think it will. If you want to try fix this then you should establish some rock solid ground rules and if she is unwilling go along with that then it's just a matter of time before she's out the door. One rule is she should never be allowed to have s** with someone that you haven't met and spoken with at some length. Another rule is a curfew. Still yet another rule is she should not be able to do this more than twice a month. Remember you're not a cockhold you're a man allowing your wife it go out and have fun with other men. There's a small but definite difference between the two. If you keep letting her screwed guys as she pleases then one day she will walk out the door because you will be nothing more than an afterthought.

  • That happened to me right on. I allowed her to go out with her friends and give me the details. It never worked out the way I wanted it to. She came home later and later. Saying they all went out to eat breakfast etc. She was having so many one nighters it was hard to figure who all was involved. She was after one of her friends boyfriends at work. I just sat back hoping for her to give me details. It doesn’t work that way at all. I spent many nights without s** hoping she would open up about her sexual adventures and I spent many days and nights just j********** to the thought. After 6 mos we got back together and back on track but now I’m always looking over my shoulder

  • You should be looking over your shoulder. The trust you once had with her is gone, don't believe its coming back soon , if ever.

  • Really, it is all just how you look at the situation. The truth is that many husbands find your situation very enviable, but some clearly do not. You choose, do you want to be happy? Focus and think about the fact that you did, at least once WANT her to be a "hotwife," now that she has tried it out, she wants to keep on being a hotwife and you have changed you mind. Why? Just how and why did you change in your thinking about it? Is it that she is enjoying the fun and you don't seem to be having any fun in it at all? Suggest that she bring you on board with the fun parts as well, she can at least talk to you about her fun with other men, and maybe one or two nights you can arrange for the children to stay elsewhere while you and your wife entertain a "guest" in your home and you can also enjoy the fun parts. If the whole scene is just not for you then it is just not for you, but you really do need to remember that you did in fact WANT it to be this way (at least you thought you did), and there are many husbands who do live very happily as cuckolds - but I honestly do believe that those happy husbands (cuckolds) are paired up with "hotwives" who continue to love their husbands, and share the fun with their husbands. I honestly hope that you take stock of your situation and think this through, there it every probability that you can live a long and happy life without denying these pleasures to your wife, and your wife just needs to remind you (and herself) that she does love you.

  • There is no fun for the poor fool of a husband who let this get out of control. He is now a lost soul with no one to blame but himself.Soon his wife will kick him to the curb and that will be that.

  • Not good,my wife ended up doing two or more bulls at once,she got addicted to it.were divorced now

  • Never go into cuckolding (this isn't hotwifing) without ground rules. The one rule that is most important is if either husband or wife wants it to end. Don't break that rule. If you are arguing now concerning you want it to stop. That is a red flag and it needs to end now. It is suppose to be about the marriage, and at this point keeping it together. #1 You need to demand she obey to rules or #2 stay unhappy until it ends or you divorce # 3 Show her extra love ans accept him desires.

  • If setting up boundaries doesn't work. Next option would be growing a spine and become the dominant bull again. Hotwifing works off of you giving ger full consent. Its all dependant on the trust you have with her and your dignity. If she no longer has any respect for you then you have become a cuck. The difference between being a hotwife and cuckolding is your consent and her agreeing to follow it. If she doesnt care then its in your hands. Tie her up and f*** her brains out if need be.

  • It’s a shame that it’s gone so far. I’ve been in this type of relationship for two years and the first thing we did was set boundaries. It works very well for us. My wife stays out no more than two nights per month which are pre arranged and always comes home to me. Sometimes I watch, sometimes I’m next door but mostly I’m not there. That’s better for both of us so long as she doesn’t shower before coming home. I have no interest In other women and our s** life is better than it’s ever been. Boundaries are the key.

  • My wife and I have been doing this for 5 years and it works very well if it’s being done with agreements for both. She has been with a friend of mine for a year and works very well for all the parties involved. No drama and discretion is a must. It has made our relationship better and stronger.

  • Getting on the internet and asking about your wife is like asking on a boat "wheres the captain "oh he hopped a life boat supposed to call tomorrow ot sumn i dont. U heard a anything? Lol humans ugh i woulda done 40 days n 40 nights too geez

  • Im a 45 y.o male who has a hot wife and loves it s** is great and you need to set boundries holidas should be with family .And she needs to come home and take care of you as well.

  • 7 days lol u know their laughing bout him as they f*** is she using his credit card for hotel to f*** the other guys this man needs to take his child to the state and drop her off n save her life n he go stand next to a truck clear trees n stick his head right next to the chipper shredder n do what comes natural 😀🌴

  • You are a dumb ass

  • This is a hoax to attract people to wife sharing sites...

  • If i was the child i would f****** run away from home and be a hippie on drugs and it would be perfectly understandable. Because first of all i won't want to live with a mother that is an abuser, and i won't look my father in the eyes for going trough that, and i won't assume going to the psychologist and my teachers at schools and say that mommy loves to be f***** by a lot of men and my father is actually being abused because he loves her.

  • My father in law always says that nothing drives his wife haywire like a handsome man, well, the same holds true for her daughter, my wife can't control herself around attractive men, she blushes, her nipples harden, she breathes heavily and wets down under, pretty much like a female dog in standing heat. Fortunately I learned this before we marry so I got to understand she is not a cheater in her heart; although she does physically surrenders to other men. I would not call her a hotwife if she were not attractive but she meets both criteria. If I am around she might not stray but there's no hope when she's on her own.

  • Dude, Dump your wife.
    Your being used. your not hotwifing your wife is dating.

    You should always be there

  • Why are you not seeing people also? I don't get why you would agree to just her doing this. I just heard of all this, so excuse my naivety, but what was in it for you when you agreed?

  • Because a woman should be able to f*** whoever she want whenever she wants and a real man should support her needs

  • And a man should be able to f*** whatever woman he wants too!

  • Yes, I have experience with this. I felt the EXACT same way. My wife and I did set up ground rules. But it became something that couldn't live with and something she couldn't part with. We had so many arguments over this exact thing. I felt so guilty because it was my fantasy turned reality. I started to not feel special, as if not only my TIME and s** with her were secondary. I voiced this many times, but we always ended up in the same spot with her guilting me and me feeling bad about having created this monster so I let her continue until I was done. I started having major self-esteem problems and gained a lot of weight. The truth is that it became all about her and not about us. I learned that in order for this type of lifestyle (not just swinging but hotwifing especially because there is a HUGE difference when only one partner steps out) to work that the couple must remain the primary focus. That, of course, is true not only with hotwifiing but in all things including having children, house, jobs, ect. The marriage and couple must held as sacred if it is to survive. Once that has been broken, there is little chance for recovery. My advice to anyone who endeavors to seek the hotwife lifestyle is to make it about your marriage first and that is extremely hard to do. It must start with a healthy marriage with great communication with 2 people who are very much in love. Anything else and you probably can kiss the marriage goodbye. Btw, today I'm so much happier. True, we are no longer married, but I respect myself again. Hmm, maybe it took hotwifing for us to see that the marriage really wasn't working anyway. Good luck my friend. I've been there, it sucks...

  • Why is the hotwifing done outside the house. How on earth is that beneficial to you? You mentioned it was your fantasy at first. But wouldn't you want it done in your home so you could watch or something? I just don't get how you thought it would fulfill your fantasy.

  • It’s choice. It’s the way my wife and I do it. We both prefer it so long as she doesn’t clean up before she comes home.

  • Absolutely great advice! Hotwifing must be practiced around the marriage and relationship, not around hotwifing. The couple must be very strong in their love and respect for each other and their family. Ground rules are good, but they will change as the couples adapts to the lifestyle. It can enhance the relationship for some couples, but be warned, it can also destroy it! My wife has been a hotwife for four years. She has had younger, older, white, and black lovers. She has fun and I love for her to date. Our s** life together is still great too. I am a cuckold. How else could I want this for her?

  • You are so cool, with an awesome marriage and wife, kudos, Itoo am a cuckhold.

  • Vice provokes regrets. It's in the nature of the thing.

  • You definitely screwed the pooch on this one. Before any type of "extra curricular activities" take place you should always set ground rules. The Mrs. and I have been swinging for several years and the first thing we did was set up rules which both of us agreed on, and abide by. To help reign things back in you should probably point her in the direction of a swingers club or house party (that you can go to), so you can have some type of experience to make you feel a little more evened out, try to move her into another area of this type of lifestyle.

  • Awwwwww.... you sound like a used up Co-dom here my love... you should not have gotten into this if you were never sure about your insecurities.... hotwifing is pretty in these days and am glad you thought about your wife's pleasure.. but not to forget it was your fantasy in the first place to see your wife be this way while that pleases you (isnt that right??).... being a woman and have been experiencing this brilliant thought of mankind (hotwifing) you ust speak to your wife and find out what is it that making her crave for it more and be with you less..

    Lots of love..
    Rupali :)

  • Love u too rupali from arjun

  • Haha Funny as s*** you Fool.

  • Yes tell us all as the couch awaits. .."Tell us bud Tell about your relationship with your mother when u were a lad"?

  • She has found her inner w**** and you, being the liberal girly man that you are, are her punk. What a fool, and, what a s***. What a pair, LMAO!!!

  • Right could b a script for a sitcom on cable hey wait 😎🌴

  • Why are you being so mean? Something has made you angry.

  • How on Earth do you know he's liberal? My hubby and I are conservatives and we live this lifestyle.

  • Hotwife G can't repair a weak relationship. Maybe she will find a way, maybe not.

  • Yes, you are just a "class-one moron". But don't worry, she'll come back for awhile, after some other man knocks her up.

  • I'd like to f*** the s*** of her. May I?

  • If you don't stop complaining you will lose her. If you accept things better it will settle down . My wife and I were both young virgins when we married. She was seduced by another man on the second day of our honeymoon. She asked me to prove my love by letting her spend the night with him. I agreed and she spent the next 19 nights with him while I paid for a single room on the same floor as our honeymoon suite. She allowed me to perform oral s** on her each morning and I suppressed my jealousy and frustration because I love her so much. When we got home she said that she still loved me but would never be sexually faithful to me and offered me an annulment. I begged her not to leave me and she said that she didn't want to break up but that she would divorce me if I ever cheated. I agreed. That was 32 years ago and we are still happily married

  • Ha ha ha its me myself and irene..... She never loved you enough to be faithful to you

  • Awesome!

  • Aww bulshit just spread more internet hipster midlife crisis nonsense just kick back let her have few kids u pay for em n 2yrs later b like wat happen to my life haha god it sucks sharing space with excrement with legs 😎🌴

  • I love that story lucky man

  • You should have got the annulment

  • Incredible!

  • Kind of not fair that you can't cheat. Why would you agree to that?

  • Listen if it works for you and you consider yourself happily married.....good for you, but most heterosexual men like to f***, have real s** and feel that their partner of the moment desires them. You're just....different.

  • Yea has money but not looks g how many women move in on that n work it baby work it

  • She probably with you For the money Only and knows your A sucker thats why she said she will leave you. 32 Years of guy Boning your Wife at work in public and you Lick up the s****. No Thank You


  • You're a b****. There is a difference between hotwifing and being a floormat.

  • You are losing her as fast as you are losing respect for yourself. Put an end to this nonsense or get a divorce. No one in their right mind shares their wife with another man.

  • I suspect you may have a problem with masturbation, causing you to be unsupportive of the role you asked your wife to play in your relationship. Ask her to place you in chastity and take control of your o****** if she is not already doing that. Once masturbation has ceased, you should become more supportive of her in order to gain your sexual release. Other men are clearly taking good care of her sexual needs. She is finding her way, now you need to find yours.

  • Fantasies are just that a fantasy not to be realized. The realization here is some other c*** is in your wife instead of yours dumass

  • I feel your problem. Calm down. Remember why you started this? It was for Her. Remember that. Keep remembering that and remind yourself of that, even when you face bankruptcy. She's not an emotionally obsolete worm. She's human for starters, and she loves you. your child is testimony to that. She won't let you down like you fear.You know what the problem is, right now? I hate to be the one to break it to you but your problems is selfishness than jealousy, although jealousy is not out of the question. Face it. You're selfish. What did you think the right to please would only be for you? What about her? Come on, let her quench her thirst. I'm a married man, deeply in love with my wife so I don't mean the word Quench in any disrespectful way. But man man, it's all about being generous man. Besides, talk about money, you're her man, and if you are a f****** christian d it the f****** christian way! support your wife, goddammit! BAHA!

  • BS. yes for her. But yes limits if it doesn't work for the both of them. If one person doesn't respect the limits of the other, then its selfish and a disaster. Just because a couple "tries something" doesn't mean its forever if one doesn't like it and wants it to stop. She should consider herself fortunate for his graciousness to ever have happened. If she won't stop for the marriage, divorce her.

  • I feel your problem. Calm down. Remember why you started this? It was for Her. Remember that. Keep remembering that and remind yourself of that, even when you face bankruptcy. She's not an emotionally obsolete worm. She's human for starters, and she loves you. your child is testimony to that. She won't let you down like you fear.
    You know what the problem is, right now? I hate to be the one to break it to you but your problems is selfishness than jealousy, although jealousy is not out of the question. Face it. You're selfish. What did you think the right to please would only be for you? What about her? Come on, let her quench her thirst. I'm a married man, deeply in love with my wife so I don't mean the word Quench in any disrespectful way. But man man, it's all about being generous man. Besides, talk about money, you're her man, and if you are a f****** christian d it the f****** christian way! support your wife, goddammit! BAHA!

  • F********christian stands for fabulous Christian yeah!

  • I feel your problem. Calm down. Remember why you started this? It was for Her. Remember that. Keep remembering that and remind yourself of that, even when you face bankruptcy. She's not an emotionally obsolete worm. She's human for starters, and she loves you. your child is testimony to that. She won't let you down like you fear.

    You know what the problem is, right now? I hate to be the one to break it to you but your problems is selfishness than jealousy, although jealousy is not out of the question. Face it. You're selfish. What did you think the right to please would only be for you? What about her? Come on, let her quench her thirst. I'm a married man, deeply in love with my wife so I don't mean the word Quench in any disrespectful way. But man man, it's all about being generous man. Besides, talk about money, you're her man, and if you are a f****** christian d it the f****** christian way! support your wife, goddammit! BAHA!

  • This problem happened to me right from the start. I realized early on she was loosing attraction for me because this lifestyle by its very nature portrays the husband as a beta male. A woman's biology is not wired to want impregnation from a beta male, her running off with other men is just her sexual nature getting the best of her. To get my wife back in I just start being alpha male both physically and mentally, but this paradoxically reduces my attraction to her, and her attraction for hotwifing.

  • You're first mistake was supporting her financially in the relationship.... Once awhile a gift can be nice, but you will never truly know how she feels about you since you let her marry your wallet first and foremost ....

  • Her selfish answer to your concerns is all the answer you need. Unfortunately having a child makes it Much harder to get up and walk away to never see her again. A real wife that respects and loves you would pay attention and respect your concerns... " don't u love me?!" Is the BLACKMAIL statement of choice by master manipulators of the female persuasion.

  • I don't think you were being honest with her and more importantly yourself. I've been with swingers and the worst thing you can do is not be honest. Going into it you had to know you gave your approval to her to sleep with another man. Something about it had to have turned you on for you to agree to do it in the first place, right?

  • As a new swinger i think she really needs to be honest and tells you about it . You should at least tell her to tell you which person is it that way you can trust that person

  • Dude are you crazy ?

    I am a woman and I've seen a few of these types of hoes in my day!

    Ask yourself this - are you Truly happy?

    Is you kid truly happy?

    No B**** is worth this type of abuse, also do you want to contract a disease - hep-c, aids, herpes (these are for life)!

    RUN - RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN & Take that child with you and go find yourself a Good woman who will love your child and appreciate you!

  • I found out my wife wanted to f*** other guys the old-fashioned way - I caught her cheating. Know what I did? I KICKED HER F****** W**** ASS OUT OF THE HOUSE AND PROCEEDED TO RUIN HER FINANCIALLY WITH A DIVORCE. I kept the house, and the kids, and she got her clothes and her "freedom". She is quickly turning into a lonely, desperate alcoholic crone, and I'm doing fine. The moral of my story? Be a man. Don't even entertain the notion of your wife f****** other guys. It's a one-way ticket to disaster AND it'll wreck YOUR chances of coming out even in the inevitable divorce that will follow. Don't fall for the whole "It'll make our marriage stronger!' lie. It's just an excuse that greedy c**** use to try to get extra d*** without needing to cover it up.

  • It's black guys. Not sure if she had black guys before you married her, but I can guarantee that she is probably banging close to her weight in black guys now. I wouldn't even be surprised if she comes home with a little black bun in the oven. You worthless cuckold. This is what you deserve. It's because you don't earn enough and your d*** is too short to satisfy her.

  • I agree with previous comments,
    1.You have become more of a cuck than a hotwifer
    2.There should have been ground rules
    3.Will she be willing to reconsider ammendments to previous discussion?
    4. If not, is she still concerned about you?

    I would suggest setting ground rules or break up.

  • Let me get this right mate. You have a child together, and you let her f*** around with other dude while you take care of the kid, and pay for it? (if you will take it) My advice to you is: Face her, then turn 180 degrees and start running away. Take the child with you too. She clearly has no interest in your personality, your c***, your child or anything else you have except money. She's not even willing to do the bare minimum to try to fool you into thinking this is a real relationship.

  • I feel bad for beating up on you for posting this, but let's recap. You are a man, and have millions of sperm. She is a woman and has one biological egg. You are sitting at home watching the children while she is out having s** with other men on your dime. Here are my closing thoughts. Just admit your bisexual and have a 3sum and both play with the guy or be a f****** man and lay down the law. With love, the type of guy out f****** your wife.

  • Unfortunately, the only thing I can take issue with among your observations is the bisexual thing: I have no interest in getting with another guy, under any circumstances. I honestly could not do that, even if she made it a condition of her returning to the marriage and parenting in a more engaged way. The rest of it, I'm afraid, may be right on the nose. The law needs to be laid down, and I've tried that more than once, but it only works for very short periods, and then she comes into heat again and is gone again, looking for c****. If she were involved with just one guy (or two or three) it would be different, and better, but she's f****** almost anything that moves, and there is no telling whether or not she ever uses protection: I guess I should be grateful that she hasn't turned up pregnant (yet). I think it's probably also true that you would love to hook up with her, and would gladly do it (she is really incredible in bed: f*** of the century stuff). And it's probably also true that you would at least have the honor to tell me you were doing her, because I know she wouldn't tell me, especially if she knew that you and I knew one another. All of this would be easier if I didn't love her completely. Unfortunately, though, I do love her completely. And so would you, if you ever did hook up with her.

  • Don't know when you originally posted (or why they don't show dates) but I'd be interested to hear an update.

    It seems that she has gone from hotwifing to simply cheating. An integral part of this kind of relationship is trust and communication between the partners. Working on a deeper emotional connection, not just the fleeting sexual thrill, which it sounds like you got in the beginning. If she isn't willing to listen to how you feel and work with you on it, your trouble is more than hotwifing, it is between the two of you personally.

  • It will very soon be a year since we started the program. It was fine at first, exciting really, but that didn't last long. It's now worse than ever, and I'm in the process of divorcing her, though nothing's final yet: I keep hoping she'll come to her senses and realize that nobody else will give her this freedom, much less keep paying her bills. She moved all her things out one day in August while I was at work, without saying a word, and a week later I turned off the credit card and closed the bank account, and she called screaming. When the screaming didn't work, she "moved" home and pretended to be a wife and mom ........ for a grand total of 96 hours, and then was off again as soon as she had access to money. A week later I told her it was over, and told her I was filing divorce papers. All she said was "You don't have the b****", and "You'll never find somebody my age to marry you", and "F*** you". I guess some husbands have good experiences with hotwifing, but I'm not one of them.

  • She totally is not a good wife . people who do hot wifing both already agreed on terms . She just went the limit and tried to used you for your money for her own sexual lives.

  • You are supposed to have her f**k a few different people in front of you and make it solely about s** first off ...not give her a ticket to party and dodge her responsibilities. Rules.Rules.Rules this should be about You and Her becoming closer! Get her to stop the bs or you are going to loose her one way or another.

  • I think this has gone way to far she is a nymf who according what i read has cannot be satisfied by one c***. the hot-wife lifestyle should benefit both your s** life whereas a third party the "bull" should have the function of living d**** to pleasure you and your wife.When you are done with the "bull" it should't cross her mind until the next time you enjoy each other again. when you use a d**** during s** thereafter you forget you even have that toy in the bedroom! this should be the same way with the "bull".

  • Fom the O.P.: That was the original deal, yes, and she went with a few different guys while we were out together at different times, kissing and making out with them on the dance floor, or giving handjobs in a booth at a restaurant, going down on them in the backseat of their cars in the parking lots, or slinking off to the ladies room with one of them for a quick f***, and it was all thrilling. Really thrilling. But then with the fifth guy she met and connected with, while it began similarly, she soon started leaving the bar with him right after we'd get there, and then would just meet him alone. It was still kind of a charge even then, because she'd tell me what was happening, but that stopped. She met him for a weekend romp at his place, and then would date him without telling me about it. This was all a rather rapid evolution, and soon she was just going out alone on the prowl looking for men wherever she could find them. I didn't go into all the detail originally, and even this is much shorter than it was and excludes facts, but it gives you an idea of how it happened and where we are. Things are about the same since I first posted this, and I've tried and threatened several times to reinstitute the rules, but she's refused to comply: she's having too much fun and getting too much c*** to stop. So far, only maybe three of our friends know what she's doing, but it's only a matter of time before everybody knows what's up. I dread that day.

  • Ses a tramp you need to dump her nasty ass and go find a nice lady someone who can be a wife and a mother your ignoring the damage this b**** is doing to your kids you just need to man up and end this s***

  • she sounds like a selfish t***.
    She doesn't deserve you.
    You should leave her... also make sure u use a glove.
    btw, care to post her number?

  • It seems you have gone from hotwifing to being a bit of a cuck. Hotwifing is supposed to still be about equality in love although she would get to see other people. It is supposed to maintain or hopefully even increase respect in each other. To let things continue as they are then you are showing you have no respect for you so why should she. I feel for you I really do but the advice to let things continue and calm down would work if you were both the same age. There is 10 years of a gap between my partner and I and if with that gap our relationship went down your path than I feel my only option would be to bring it back asap. How you do that, I wish I could help but as I said if you show no self respect then she will lose any she had in you and show you none either. Good luck.

  • You did not mention your age.
    Anyways, I thing that she will get tired of this type of life - but after a while. The 'while' depends on her age. Till she calms down you should not mind that how and what she does or doesn't.

  • Exactly let her f*** whoever she wants. It's a privelege to have such a wonderful woman!

  • From the O.P.:

    Yes, I've been told by a friend that the age thing is an issue. I'm 42, and she's 27. The difference in our ages was NEVER a problem when we met or began dating, socially or sexually, and our s** life was always extremely active (above average). But it's certainly possible that she still had some wild oats to sow, and is using this opportunity to sow them. To the best of my knowledge, most of the guys she's seeing now are not only younger than me, they're younger than her as well, though two that I know of are in their mid-40s: so, I guess she's not discriminating.

    I agree with you about maintaining some calm, and I've really tried, but the trajectory of this thing -- with her increasing her outside activity, in terms of frequency and duration -- isn't very hopeful. Do think she'll reach some level of satiation and then bring it back down? Thanks for your comment.

  • forgot to set some ground rules....tell her, it's ground rules, or you will start f****** around too.

  • From the O.P.:

    It's true: the ground rules could very well have made some difference. We talked about establishing some, between ourselves and with the hotwifing site rep, and I said (perhaps foolishly) that I trusted her completely and wanted for her whatever she wanted for her. She's not interested now in changing the rules of engagement, and I', not interested in anyone else. I honestly don't want this to come to divorce, because -- as unlikely as it sounds -- I truly do love my wife, but my dilemma is trying to navigate between supporting her choices and avoiding making myself her doormat. Thanks for the input.

  • Just enjoy the privilege of being a cuckold. I would love for my woman to let me eat c** out of her p****. You should feel privileged

  • This isn't a "hotwifing" problem...It's a problem with the relationship as it existed prior to hotwifing. My wife f**** both men and women with me and without me there. We (as use the term we on purpose), moved very slowly, having an open dialogue along the way of what we each liked, didn't like, and wanted from the situation. None of us here can know exactly what transpired between you and your wife leading up to this making the choices you both made, but is appears that perhaps there was a different agenda for each of you in getting into this lifestyle and they don't match up with each other. Good luck with wherever your life leads you.

  • Just do what works for both my wife cucks me and I love it

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