I gave my daughter a gun for her birthday

It was a weapon called a Bond Arms Snake Slayer. She works nights and a guy tried to mug her at work. It was near midnight and she works with large sums of money.

She shot him in the parking lot. She had a .410 game getter shotgun shell in the gun and it pushed him down. The arresting cop said he looked like he had a case of measles.

the guy didn't die and my daughter is off the hook. The police saw his knife and he was on probation already for another robbery.

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  • Bullshit story, but I do love the idea. It's hilarious how weird these comments are too. Guns are tools, and anyone ascribing sexu@l status to them-- either to demonize them or because they're Faux News-loving sister fisters-- are idiots.

  • I gave my twin daughters hand-grenades for Christmas. It made for a very festive holiday season.

  • F****** stupid American gun culture. Can't wait until some armed teacher gets p***** off at their kids and wastes his class. Good one, Donald

  • Yes, and you can hold your breath on that concept. That won't happen and this way when you expire from lack of oxygen we'll be minus one more ignorant fool.
    Do you feel lucky??

  • Really... Prez Trump IS a Republican and virtually EVERY mass shooter has been a Demoncrat. How is it his fault that being Demoncrat is a mental illness???

  • Good Freakin' BURN!! You put the slimeball in place. They are obviously a anti gun moron who can't see the forest for the trees. We are FAR from a gun culture in the u.s however it is only cultural common sense to be able to own & use a firearm safely & responsibly. GUNS FOREVER!!

  • Good for you and glad she's safe. Just another example of "When SECONDS count the police are just MINUTES away".

    Crime in America is rampant because criminals don't fear their victims or the legal system. Victims have been brainwashed to bow down to them and prisons are like summer camps.

    But we have come into a new era. People are refusing to be victimized and are standing their ground but there is an element in our population that is pushing the agenda that protecting ones self is more of a crime than the criminals actions leading to the altercations.

    I hope I'm never put into a situation like the young lady was but I WILL protect me and mine with great prejudice, because the only thing that stops an armed bad person is an armed good person.

  • Next time a bazooka....boom 💣💣 F*** them all

  • Only in America

  • Actually, Muslim immigrants are smuggling guns into Europe and gun crimes are on the rise. A typical situation where the criminals have guns and the law citizens do not.

  • I think Muslim's terrorists are mentally deranged. I totally don't understand why they leave their own countries that they've f***** up and go somewhere and f*** it too but it's nothing compared to the insanity that goes on inside America.

  • No this is wrong. Muslim terrorists in Europe use bombs and trucks and knives and overall they manage to kill as many or a bit more than America's homegrown lunatics.

  • Bullshit.

  • And which country has the highest death rate due to guns.? Oh yes the USA. Land of the free and the dead

  • Clearly written by a ignorant FOOL.

  • Really??? Per Capita Mexico has a far higher death rate by guns than the US.

    I wonder how many of those murders are committed by guns that were smuggled into Mexico with the blessing of the Obama administration under the program "Fast and Furious", last I heard the smuggled gun tally was up in the several thousands.

    But you just go and keep your head in the sand and be to scared to admit the Demoncrat party has lied to and f***** you til you're stupid.

  • Have gun will travel. American kids carry guns in their lunch boxes don't they?

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