Attracted to white girls

I am a black man, single, with a doctorate degree about to embark on the world of work and money making. I have noticed recently that I am becoming extremely attracted to white females, so much that I feel I need to marry a white girl. This seems silly because I always say it does not matter what race my future wife is, but damn they turn me on.

Feb 21, 2012

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  • Something smells like troll bullshit.

  • Don't let any woman use you for money! I'm a woman I would never use a man for money but I know a lot that do!

  • so much bull s*** in the world,lol

  • Well, plenty of white girls would marry must be highly intelligent...nobody in his right mind would marry a n***** b****. N***** b****** just complain, get fat, and will ruin any relationship! You as a black man NEED to have your children raised by a white's the only way to ensure that the kids have any morals and good grammar.

  • First off not all black women are like that d*********. And second you sound so bitter, did a black woman hurt you or something? Grow up not everyone fits into stereotypes. There's plenty white trash white women out there so if your thinking all white women have good grammar and morals your sadly mistaken. To the OP--Who cares if you like white women? You don't owe anyone any explanation just go for it. F*** one, marry one, whatever its your life.Best of luck to you.

  • you sound like a white b****!!! (stereotype) you would be in the white b**** category.

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