The bruises are from him

My parents are slightly physically abusive. They don't like this guy I'm friends with who drives me home from work some nights when I'd otherwise have to walk. What always happens is if I'm standing outside when he leaves he jingles his keys and tells me to get in his car. Last weekend I was outside and just got off the phone with my mom. She kept hanging up on me and wouldn't tell me if she was picking me up or not. I told him what happened when he asked if I had a ride. I turned planning on walking up towards the high way hopefully meeting my mom. He yelled after me "Where are you going? I'm driving you!". Eventually I gave up and accepted a ride. When we got close to the house he brought up my mom's bitchyness. He asked how mad she'd be about this. I said as long as she didn't leave the hosue I'd hopefully not get beaten too badly. He thought I was kidding and laughed, and I was.

The problem is my grandparents actually went to get me. When they didn't see me outside they went inside and the manager told them I already left; but didn't know who I left with. They called my mom asking if she got me. When she realized they wasted their time and I wasn't there she was furious. My grandparents didn't mind though since I was safe. When I walked in the door my mom started yelling at me for getting a ride from him. When my step-dad got home he started yelling more. At this point it was near midnight and I was exhausted. While he was yelling I looked away, and he banged his elbow against my arm leaving a huge bruise.

When I went to work in the morning one of my friends saw and asked what it was from. I shrugged and said I fell. Later it was just me and two managers alone in the kitchen. One asked what it was from. I was about to tell her the truth since it's happened before when she guessed correctly. After I asked how she knew, it's because apparently he told her before I came in he was afraid I really did get hit last night because of him.

I don't feel bad that it happened, but I just feel horrible that he feels responsible. I've never felt more guilty.

Feb 21, 2012

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  • Your mom needs to start acting like an adult. Whose fault was it when she kept hanging up on you ?? The way I see it is you did not know if someone was coming to give you a ride home or not and this guy you work with should be considered a hero ,,Seriously.You were walking towards the highway,,when you had walked that far and mom still wasnt there you would just started walking home in the dark down the side of the highway .You might have made it home safely but things go really bad in seconds and some guy could have stopped and offered you a ride and You might not have made it home alive that night . You looked away and your dad banged his elbow against your arm ??Sorry but you dont accidentally hit someone,,Ok you can but what your father did to you wasnt accidental especially if it left a huge bruise .You said it has happened before,,that was no accident,,trust me. I dont know your history or your age but girl,,you do NOT deserve what your parents are doing to you .If your father is hitting you how long before it gets worse ?? I know ,,you love your parents I understand that ,,My brother sexually abused me for several years,,I still love him and never told on him .What i did do and so should you is save up every penny that you can and get out of that house and away from the abuse.

  • awe don't feel guilty it's actually neither of your faults it's your parent's fault they got angry and they had no right to

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