Honestly, I just don't understand where people get their courage. I've been single my whole life. I've never had the courage to ask a girl out. I've barley had the courage to talk to girls in general. How do people do it? I haven't had anyone help me with this. They kind of just say, "Go out and do it." but I just don't feel like I can.

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  • The person before me is right. Rejection will always be there. It is an obstacle nothing to it other than that. Rejection hurts yeah it's temporary. Getting rejected just helps you get over that. The first few rejections are hard but don't give up. You have the courage to approach a girl and talk to her. That is the hardest part. One you greet her, it makes the conversation easier. Just make sure you know what to talk to her about once you introduced yourself. Don't just stand there and say yeah... Haha it may seem like common sense but I had the problem the first time.

    Don't worry the more you put yourself out there and go up to girls you will soon get over the fear of rejection. If rejected, move on to the next one.

  • It all comes down to being afraid of rejection. You just gotta know that you are going to be rejected at times. For some, it's quite often. But you can't let that paralyze you. You can't let that fear continue to make you shy, nervous, or less confident. You will learn through your failures how to approach girls the right way. Just plan on failing at first so you can roll with it. Rejection is what makes you tighten up your "game." if you never expose yourself to the elements, you'll never get better or more confident. Once you break the ice once, you'll be surprised at how easy it is.

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