My state of nervousness

There's this really great guy that I, of course fell over heels with. He knows my existence but doesn't feel interested in talking with me. We have allot in common and I feel like we could have an amazing friendship {or relationship if he overtime feels the same way about me}.But I don't know why he doesn't even want to start up a friendship with me.. I'm not rude,mean,or even ignorant! I'm kind and friendly! I would usually start up the conversation but i'm too shy and I keep thinking negative. I don't even know how to start the invitation to chat! I know he loves making friends so I don't really need to worry about him not being interested but what if I succeed and our friendship then stops cold because there is nothing else to talk about? or he stops talking to me because he thinks i'm boring or not interesting enough for him?? what if I find out he's this other person once I start talking to him?? I'm just so unsure and nervous on what to do! I build up courage but when I see him the courage just turns into nervousness! I need to brave and overcome this but I think i'll eventually never do it.


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  • If he knows you like him alot and has not bothered to get to know you then it sounds like he's not into you because when a guy wants a girl he will do whatever it takes to get her .
    Ask him if he would like to go out for lunch if he turns you down then don't chase him guys like to chase woman not the other way around it makes the woman look needy .

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