Help me with my regret

When I was twelve I basically did sexual things to my brother in his sleep one night. Then for the next few months I had other sexually disturbed thoughts. I'm now 14 and for the last 20 months I've had strong regret of these times, particularly that one night even thought it lasted 5 minutes, if that. Even though the regret isn't as bad now it's still unbearable, it used to deprive me of sleep and I'd even considered suicide. I don't want people to abuse me, I just want advice please, thank you.
Also he has no idea about this and for his and my benefit I don't think I should tell him.

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  • Are you sure your brother doesn't know...
    If he does, it could be tormenting him even more.

  • You aren't the first and you certainly won't be the last young person to let curiosity get the best of them.
    There's no need to tell your brother what he doesn't already know and you aren't a bad person because of what happened.
    You can't undo what happened but you don't have to let it have any more power over you either.
    We've all done things we are ashamed of. ALL of us.
    We can easily forgive other people when they wrong us but we find it nearly impossible to forgive ourselves when we wrong others. I don't know if that's a pride thing or a shame thing but it's something we must do to preserve our mental and emotional health.
    I hope that you'll find it easier now that you've gotten it off your chest... we're pullin' for ya'

  • Your sooo right, thank you very much

  • OK. You are listening to the "experts" too damned much. Please turn off Oprah and Montell and think about what you are saying. A 5 minute fragment of a fragment of your life is causing you to expend HOW much effort in beating yourself up over?

    It was simple harmless childhood curousity. That is all. NOTHING MORE. Quit letting the a******* who cannot manage their own lives try to f*** up yours!

  • Thanks man, that genuinely made me feel so much better.

  • Bury the past. Be careful not to repeat these things.

    Think of it as a nightmare and just delete the memory.

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