I have liked this guy from 5nd

I have liked this guy from 5nd grade,robert, and we where best friends, when i broke my arm he offered to carry my books, we used 2 hang out all the time in elematry and we talked alot, and i heard romars he liked me. Once we got into 6th grade i havent talked to him! Then right before i go into 7th grade(last night)we did a 3way(phone) w/ my friend, it was soo fun!! I am think i kindi like him or love him i have liked him threw all of 5th and 6th grade. I always wanta talk 2 him, want him 2 notice evrything i do, i keep on wishing that i would c him in random stores(like don papa randay which i did once) i think i love him but i dont kno... HELP!!

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  • it's a crush

  • Its love

  • To the commenter above - you're such a dumbass.

  • Get off this site you stupid c***. Come back when you're in high school and start cutting yourself and terrorizing your peers.

  • Amen to the above. (Yeah, I remember those notes!)

    My advice: just talk to him. When I was your age, there was this guy I really liked, and it was kind of obvious he liked me, we hung out all the time. Before we could actually "go together" I moved out of town and didn't get to tell him goodbye. I really regretted that. Make the most of your opportunities. Don't just watch him from the background, take a chance and let him know how you feel.

  • 7th grade? OMG WTF? (that's a 35 year old trying out modern kid stuff.) When I was in 7th grade, I passed a note to a girl asking if she would go with me. It had check boxes for yes and no. I never got it back and I felt so embarrased. You obviously are living in a different generation. Frankly, it was better for me, emotionally and physically. You may experience love at this age, but you are simply too young be so sexually active. Be smart and slow down. H***, just be a kid. You will miss having a childhood later.

  • this is not dear abby, and that was not a confession

  • Learn to spell, dumbass.

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