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In 5th grade I fell deeply in love with my friend sebastian. I was to shy to ever tell him but one of my friends knew and toled him -_- so I was imbarised as h*** when he said no, in 6th grade he toled me why he said no, he was waiting untill he was 16. Then he got a girl friend who cheated on him. At the end of the year he was single, he knew that I still loved him (I think It was because I would studer when I talked to him) now Its 7th grade and for the first 2 days he was not hear. And ther are rumores that he moved but he is still in the school records that he is still a student of [name of school] and I miss him! I want him to be near me, even if he does not
Love me like I do. I would like nothing more then for him to be at school tomarow. That would be good enough for me!

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  • Ur still young, I remember wen I was ur age. I thought i knew everything and that I was in love with this one boy. It sucks wen u get rejected or they find out, I know how that feels. I asked a boy out wen I was ur age and he screamed in my face. U've gotta remember that at this age ALL BOYS ARE IDIOTS. No offence to any boys but their not ready for relationships with love involved wen their at that age just quite yet. And to be honest neither are u. I'm 14 soon and I'm still not ready for Love. I've liked this one boy for an entire year so i get where ur coming from with the whole stutter thing cause I do it too. My advice to u is to focus on ur school work and I actually think ur very smart and lets face it, ur in 7th grade so u can't be expected to know how to spell everything. If u really want sebastian to like u, play hard to get. Act uninterested as most boys like the chase. And u dont need to wait until ur sixteen for a relationship. U just need to wait until u feel ready. Don't let boys get in the way of ur school work and I promise u u'll get ur prince someday, it may or may not be sebastian but u've gotta kiss a lot of frogs to get Prince charming. I hope this helped and good luck x

  • Well thank you... but i learned that he is getting home schooled this year :(
    and yes you did help.

  • Relationships in middle school HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  •'re in 7th grade. chill the f*** out and focus on school

  • I'm Shure you wher in the 7th grade once
    And I get strate A+ in everything but spelling and grammar (I get a B in that) so Im Shure that you don't understand.

  • Focus on "spelling and grammar" until you start writing in a coherent manner. Or maybe you're just not that smart, and will end up being one of those brainless pretty girls with more ex boyfriends and STDs than they can count.

  • Ummm, I will not be that type of girl. I'm picky with who I date so I will not have STDs. (I hope I won't)

  • Lmao, u get staright A+ and u spell like s***. I'm gonna repeat 4 u, ur in 7th grade CHILL THE F*** OUT. U watch 2 many crap on Tv and u think dats wat life is all abt. Wait till u get more mature will make u the smart girl ur trying to claim

  • I don't have a TV. And i look at this before I go to bed so I don't think about spelling and stuff.

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