Is it right?

I am a 17 year old girl who dropped out of school grade 9 to support my family. I have a girlfriend but she is only 13 years old in 8th grade. I think this is legal but is it right? we never like made intimate intimate love and we dont plan on it in the near future. I really love her she is like a sister to me. Honestly though is this okay?

Sep 25, 2014

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  • Legally: it depends on where you live, but generally speaking, no. If you did anything with her before the age of consent (normally around 16) then you would be guilty of statutory rape (sexual or indecent assault). This is because legally she is incapable of giving consent, so therefore any s** act is without consent.

    I believe the rule where you can engage in underage s** only applies if you're within two years of the age of the other person. Again though it depends on where you live. I suggest looking up the criminal code in the state where you live in order to find out for sure.

  • When you're both a little older (for example, when she's 18 and you're 22) the age difference won't matter but right now you have to be patient with her. Think about what you were like at 13 compared to how you are now, four years makes a big difference during your teens. At least wait until she's 16 before doing anything more than kissing and cuddling, she deserves a chance to grow up a little before being exposed to adult situations.

  • I cannot advise you do anything sexual. In many places that age difference is enough to make it a very serious crime.
    I personally think you shouldn't grow her up too fast.
    That would not be ethical.

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