I'm sad and I keep it a secret because the people i talk to don't understand and the people I want to talk to are unavailable. My best friend in the whole wide world is happy with her boyfriend and I feel like I'm burdening her when I'm always complaining about how every guy I ever get close to always f**** me over in the long run. I thought I loved someone once and they hurt me really bad over and over again and now he's trying to talk to me again even though he has a girlfriend. Who am I kidding right? He'll never see me as more than in a sexual way. Everyone always says that i will meet someone eventually but what am I supposed to do until eventually happens? I just want someone to love me for me instead of my body or the idea of me. I know I'm an amazing person and I have alot of friends I just feel like I have enough. I actually want love so badly from like a significant other not a friend or family for once. I don't wanna be a s** object. I feel so empty inside...


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  • Relax chill and look up.

    Next just realise you are a s** object. Don't fight it. It just is.

    Then realise a s** object does not preclude you from being something else at the same time. You might be a teacher or a physicist or a house wife or soldier. In fact we are all lots of things.

    So a guy wants to go out with a sexy girl. We are visual things. We are attracted to the girls looks first. So what.

    My wife does not have to prove herself to me through her work. What attracts me is her sexuality - beauty, s** appeal, life.

  • Guys love a woman with a great body........sure they want to f*** you ..talk to them .let them know that your not giving up your p**** easily

  • We can just talk if you want to.. I'm a good listener..

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