I Dont Know

Im a 16 year old half hispanic half black boy and theres some girl that likes me but she not showing me any love back I say I love her she says she loves me to we kiss but were werent going out So i wanted to seal the deal on Valentines day but when i asked she yelled at me and sais leave me alone so i left her alone and she would always walk away from me never talk to me flirt with other guys in front of me it did get me jealous alot but i said to myself i this what she wants but then about a week later she keeps staring at me on the bus i thought it was outta hate until my friend told me she mad at me for not talking to me and that i havent texting her yet i thought she was wanted me to leave her alone but im happy the day i saw her again i said she was beautiful and she started to cry on my shoulder and gave me kiss on the cheek but still whenever we get off the bus she acts like im a ghost and is just on her phone for the longest time i keeping wondering if i matter to her at all.

Feb 26, 2012

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  • You deserve better than her. Don't let her play with you like she is.

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