I am a girl - 19. Last Saturday I was

I am a girl - 19. Last Saturday I was going out to bar hoping, I met this guy, he must have been 24-25. I flirted with him, he bought me drinks, we got down on the dance floor....he tried to kiss me a few times, I would not let him.

I was dressed very flirtatious,low cut tank and some short shorts. He bought me more drinks, I even made him buy my other friend a drink. He did a body shot off of me, and I sat in his lap in a booth and I could tell he was pretty excited. He was pretty hot, but I have a boyfriend in a different city. I pretty much let this guy spend money on me all night.

I left him at the bar, by saying that I was running to the restroom, and never returned.

Does this make me a bad person for leading him on all night?

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  • LOL No us girls do that all the time! Be careful though, cause you don't wanna p*** off the wrong guy, he might be psycho!

  • Nah, you're just a shallow manipulating c*** which is all guys expect when they go out to bars. Congrats on being a typical representative of your gender.

  • No, u jst know how 2 play the game

  • Nah your not, its all fun and games.

  • SPELLCHECK===hopping

  • I certainly wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you!

  • Uhh, if you are in a commited relationship, why the heck let a guy do body shots off you!

  • it makes you a bad person that you are worried about this guy over your bf. ask am i a bad person for doing this to my bf?

  • yup u sure were

  • Poster # 3 is full of s***. It is wrong to treat someone like that. You acted like a prissy b****. Maybe some guys would think that you owed them s** for that, but they would be wrong. Guys would be right to think that a respectable woman would at least say thank you and goodbye after that.

  • geez.. not at all. Guys use women all the time so there is nothing wrong with flipping the role

  • Nah. I mean, guys won't like it (duh). But it's all part of the game. The guy thought that if he bought you drinks, you'd eventually have s** with him. THat is, he was trying to pay for s**. No prob leaving him. Once he realized you were gone, do u think he didn't look around the room and try to pick up someone else?

  • It makes you a little bit of a bad person, yes. You now made one more man who's jaded about women who use him.

  • You should not have lead him on. If you had a BF you should have said so from the get go. Nothing wrong with going bar hopping, but be upfront and honest, which you were not. Flirting is suggestive that you are interested.
    Then you just up a and left..he likely thinks he did something wrong.

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